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08/10/16 09:25:42PM @moderator-2:

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Nocturne's Angel
08/25/16 08:07:45PM @nocturnes-angel:

Hi Heather,

Ireplied to youby private message the other day but you must not have received it.

I offer paid mediumship readings that are done via pm or facebook messenger.

The session/reading is $45 & lasts between 30 to 45 minutes.

Payment is made via PayPal.


Nocturne's Angel
08/26/16 09:26:28AM @nocturnes-angel:

Hi Heather,

You're welcome.

Nocturne's Angel
08/26/16 11:02:29AM @nocturnes-angel:

Hi Heather,

I can't give you a reading on your brother as that's considered a 3rd party reading which is illegal in many states, countries, etc.

Once you make payment for your reading I will contact you to set up a date/time for your reading.

09/01/16 04:35:40PM @lotusfly:
Thanks for your compliment about my comment :) Blessings~
Nocturne's Angel
09/17/16 05:53:28PM @nocturnes-angel:

Hi Heather,

Please let me know if you are still interested in purchasing the reading you inquired about.