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Hi all,

Since after a reiki distant healing session or two, My awakening has got so bad that being in public is emotionally and physical hurting every cell in my body. I can't wait to run home. I live alone, and Im scared of the world!! Im crying all the time and feel every energy vibration outside. My sensitivity has increased 1000. I don't know if ill hold down a job, get married have kids, right now, I wish i could kill myself and go to my proper home! wherever infp hop empath come from, I'm am so much an alien.

Has anyone got so bad with feeling others emotions, whether its everyone who come into contact with, or in the shopping mall, I can read people, as soon as they enter a building. I can look into someone's eyes and know their emotions. I see the tiredness and pain of the lady buying her shopping and the tiredness and depression of the single mother.

I can sense those that are hiding things or lying immediately. If i meet people, they either the me or like me. I feel they are wary incase i tell them the truth of what going on.

I sit now at the bus stop and a random bloke just started moaning to me about coming down from London and the hot weather and off loading. I never even said anything. I barely opened my mouth, he spilled all his problems, his wife said 'leave the poor lady alone!'', its getting so bad that Ive become a hermit, i barely go out, except with a few church friends,

I don't know how to put up boundaries, how to say NO, II find it hard to express myself.

My next door neigbour tried to serve on me in the street, touching my coat. Help me God!! I don't know how to be normal again!!

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