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Indigo, Crystal, Star & Rainbow


Indigo, Crystal, Star & Rainbow

The name says it all.

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Started by Carson Mar 8. 0 Replies

Where'd everybody go? Has this whole group just gone silent in the passed few months?I mean... It's been an interesting beginning of the year for everyone I know.People have sht going on, but that's…Continue

Tags: Crystal, child, seed, Star, Indigo

Identifying a crystal child

Started by Kate. Last reply by Phoenix Oct 25, 2014. 4 Replies

I have a question about crystal children. My precious boy is almost 2 years old noww and I was wondering how to tell if he's a crystal child- or is he too young? The reason I'm asking is because I…Continue


Started by Nea. Last reply by Dice Oct 13, 2014. 4 Replies

Hello,Just wanted to share some thoughts regarding the Indigo concept. Just like I hadn't heard of the concept of being an Empath being real, I had never even heard of the word Indigo before a couple…Continue

Confused and Lost.

Started by Keller0612. Last reply by Doorofmercy Jul 11, 2014. 2 Replies

So I'm new to the empath community, I was raised in a very strict christian household. I wasn't given much room for creativity aside from painting. As far as being who I am, life was very black and…Continue

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Comment by Elizabeth Suzanne Hill on February 2, 2015 at 12:18am

How do you know if your an indigo or star person?

Comment by Ascending Energy on April 10, 2014 at 5:19pm

Hey guys.. *waves* I'm an Indigo but also fit into the "description" of more "galactic" focused beings as well.

I look forward to learning more about myself and, sharing with others.


Comment by Sam Brendon Urie on August 31, 2013 at 4:29pm

I honestly don't know what I am, but  I feel like I belong, but at the same time don't. ..

Comment by Yuufa on May 4, 2013 at 8:38pm

Hello.. I think I'm belong to crystal children. All characteristic is here. When Im young I reflect the energy that my parents give me. I'm also different and very sensitive. Im becoming replica of what others showing me.. any comment?

Comment by Bing on August 30, 2011 at 8:53am


As I am new to this group I must share a video with you. As an empath you will really feel this techno song.


Throw some love into the wind


Comment by Alfred on May 27, 2011 at 5:33pm

Just saying Hi to everyone :)



Comment by Mikachu on May 13, 2011 at 5:32am
Hi Krissy,

Im not sure if I'm following what you're asking specifically, so forgive me if I'm off base ;-)

Are you saying that the traits that you have bolded below are the traits that 90% of the population could relate to? If that's what your thoughts are, then I would absolutely agree with your point.

Since I'm new to this, I could be way off, but I think if you possess something like 20 or 25 of these traits then it's likely the person is one? I don't remember how many (nor did i count how many were listed) but there is some number you're supposed to get.

I guess because I have a culmination of every single trait (like the electricity thing? That's a very random thing and I tend to short and do something funky to electronics and blow light bulbs much more than anyone else in my family) and the "personality" traits (as opposed to the abilities one has) are the most dominant things about what makes me who i am, i just knew.

I may be repeating myself but other personality tests had a lot of generalizations about what makes me me that were pretty spot on. But this list's personality traits broke out the strongest and deepest traits in me that seem to truly drives me or illustrates how i behave in my day to day.

So Im no expert in any of this, but that's why I was so receptive to me being labeled as indigo. Every single trait was a dominating part of my personality and I have or have had all the other abilities or effects on people or things at some point in my life of which I tried to bury or deny.

I think I saw in another post on ec that if you got less than a certain number of yes answers then you weren't one, I'm assuming because as you said, a lot if people have some of these traits. I will look for it and post it here when I fid it.

And really, I guess it doesn't matter who is or isn't an indigo, really in the grand scheme of things. I think it's just one if those other things that may or may not help clarify things for some people and help like minded people come together and share experiences and such, similar to the different types of empaths do (like healing empaths vs animal empath, etc)

But again, what do I know? I'm just a newb :-), trying to make sense of it too. I love having these kinds of discussions so we can learn this together! Hopefully others can chime in to lend us their perspectives and shed additional light on this?
Comment by Anput on May 12, 2011 at 6:34pm

I am well aware of what makes an Indigo and Indigo and that people who feel an epiphany when the hear the word and read what an Indigo is. They know that that is what they are and that now the world suddenly makes a little more sense. I am looking at some of the personality traits of Indigo are some that many people may have without being and Indigo soul.

Other than the psychic abilities then criteria for Indigo children seems a bit vague to me.

Seems to me that the only solid and defining criteria are the psychic traits

Indigo children/adults have.

 I know there are only a few traits.

  • Are intelligent, though may not have had top grades.


  • Are very creative and enjoy making things.


  • Always need to know WHY, especially why they are being asked to do something.


  • Had disgust and perhaps loathing for much of the required and repetitious work in school.


  • Were rebellious in school in that they refused to do homework and rejected authority of teachers, OR seriously wanted to rebel, but didn't DARE, usually due to parental pressure.


  • May have experienced early existential depression and feelings of helplessness. These may have ranged from sadness to utter despair. Suicidal feelings while still in high school or younger are not uncommon in the Indigo Adult.


  • Have difficulty in service-oriented jobs. Indigos resist authority and caste system of employment. (Very few people enjoy these jobs)


  • Prefer leadership positions or working alone to team positions.


  • Have deep empathy for others, yet an intolerance of stupidity.


  • May be extremely emotionally sensitive including crying at the drop of a hat (no shielding) Or may be the opposite and show no expression of emotion (full shielding).


  • May have trouble with RAGE.


  • Have trouble with systems they consider broken or ineffective, ie. political, educational, medical, and legal.


  • Alienation from or anger with politics - feeling your voice won't count and/or that the outcome really doesn't matter.


  • Frustration with or rejection of the traditional American dream - 9-5 career, marriage, 2.5 children, house with white picket fence, etc.


  • Anger at rights being taken away, fear and/or fury at "Big Brother watching you."


  • Have a burning desire to do something to change and improve the world. May be stymied what to do. May have trouble identifying their path.


  • Have psychic or spiritual interest appear fairly young - in or before teen years.


  • Had few if any Indigo role models. Having had some doesn't mean you're not an indigo, though.


  • Have strong intuition.


  • Random behavior pattern or mind style - (symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder). May have trouble focusing on assigned tasks, may jump around in conversations.


  • Have had psychic experiences, such as premonitions, seeing angels or ghosts, out of body experiences, hearing voices.


  • May be electrically sensitive such as watches not working and street lights going out as you move under them, electrical equipment malfunctioning and lights blowing out.


  • May have awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities.


  • Sexually are very expressive and inventive OR may reject sexuality in boredom or with intention of achieving higher spiritual connection. May explore alternative types of sexuality.


  • Seek meaning to their life and understanding about the world May seek this through religion or spirituality, spiritual groups and books, self-help groups and books.


  • When they find balance they may become very strong, healthy, happy individuals.


Comment by Mikachu on May 12, 2011 at 6:05pm
I've been into myers Briggs, enneageams, and any other personality test you can think of! While tests and quizzes and profilers are usually pretty good at describing me, nothing resonated with me more than when I saw the indigo traits list. My heart was pounding so hard as I went through the list one by one and seeing that there was a profile that matched me all the way. I do t know why I reacted that way but I was floored because these traits were so specifically correct about me and not like other profiles that had a "pretty close" description of me.
I also joined an indigo society forum online and looked up a poll they did to see what their myers Briggs results were. Most of the comments indicated they were either INTP or ENTP. (of which historically my results have always been either INTP or ENTP).

For whatever reason when I saw the indigo traits I knew that was my "label", even more so than me being an empath. Don't know what it really means, now that I have this label, cuz I'm a little skeptic about our so-called purpose among other things. But I'm trying to learn and open my mind to it all ad I go through my journey of discovery ;-)
Comment by Anput on May 9, 2011 at 3:27pm
I am NOT bashing Indigoes because i am sure these souls truly exist. What i am skeptical about is the criteria. When i look at them i feel like %90  of the world may fit this criteria. Are there any more specific criterion out there to classify and Indigo?

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