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Empath Teachers, Trainers, Guides and Mentors (Find a Teacher or find Learners to teach)


Empath Teachers, Trainers, Guides and Mentors (Find a Teacher or find Learners to teach)

This is a group for those that find themselves generally teaching or help others explore their abilities and also for those whom are looking for an online mentor or simply some advice.

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Welcome, Greetings and Blessed Be to all Empathic Learners and Teachers!

Please introduce yourself in the "Introductions" discussion after you join and add others in the group to your friends list (optional)

Then please feel free (and motivated) to open up a new discussion and ask ANY questions you might have about your abilities, skill building, learning new things, experiences, dealing with every day life, or anything really.

The best way to learn is to start asking questions. Nothing is to strange, weird or out of this world. If I can't answer it, I am sure there are others who can or this is a way to find the answers you seek! So please ask away ;)

For those of you who are hear as Teachers/Guides/Mentors, please feel free to start a discussion about your experiences, or anything relevant that you can think of. Or just open up a discussion to provoke thoughts and observations, lessons you like to help others learn or something creative!

Let's have fun learning, teaching and growing!

Welcome to the Empath Teacher group! =)

Discussion Forum

need help to save my relationship

Started by syri. Last reply by Peter Van Hoeve Aug 2. 1 Reply

Hi, i'm serching for someone who would like to support me.I'm not an empath, but my husband and i make him great problems, because i'm selfish and egoistic. I only give my opinion and think i'm the…Continue

Seeking greater understanding...

Started by Elian719 Jun 4. 0 Replies

Hello all! I am Eli and I am an Empath! I am here for a few reasons...1-I often feel alone. I feel that I give so much of myself and I love filling others' spirits, however, I often feel that it is…Continue

Introduction and Hopes

Started by Marci. Last reply by Trevor Lewis Jun 2. 1 Reply

Hello! My name is Marci and I'm a 15 year-old Empath. I have the ability to absorb the negative energy of others. Negative specifically, like a sponge. It's exhausting and drains me emotionally. I've…Continue

Tags: techniques, healing

Would love a mentor!

Started by Rachael Jun 1. 0 Replies

Hello, my name is Rachael.  It's been noted a few times by other sensitives that I have some empathic and intuitive abilities.  I've been doing some reading on the subject and a few exercises here…Continue

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Comment by Kara Gibson on August 16, 2015 at 1:12pm
Hello my name is kara I'm still trying to figure out if this is real or that I'm just crazy but I will tell my story and hope some one can help
Even when I was a baby my parents said I would stare at someone like I knew something I didn't and when people held me they were happy all of a sudden as I got older I could tell when people where lying to me and sometimes what they were feeling. It was hard for me to make friends since I didn't like people touching me. And called people out when they were lying. When I was five I made an unusal friend a 100 yr old oak tree I called grandpa. As I got older it became harder for me to be in crowds and away from nature it was like I was wilting in the city. When I became a teenager I started having dreams some call deja vu but in steed of it feeling familiar I could pinpoint exact things. Since I grew up in rural kentucky no one talked about empathics or things like that I just thought I was crazy until my boyfriend told me he thought I was empathic. I have tried the bubble thing and I can finally get a fill night of sleep so any comments or advice is appreciated
Comment by Jenny on August 13, 2015 at 7:08am
Hello all! My name is Jenny and I am an empath. I eould like help with figuring out my abilities. I can pick up on people's feelings, emotions, i have dreams that come true or giving me messages, many times I know people's thoughts or know when they are lying, Sometimes i can touch or be close to someone and get this shooting energy. Since this has all started my back has become very sensitive. If someone touches my back i jump. Also when i feel energyi get a shiver ip my spine ans it makes me shake really hard. Another thing Ive been able to do is see people that have passed but in my mind and been able to pass on messages. Or I can describe people ive never seen. If anyone can help me
Comment by Svetlana on April 19, 2015 at 12:42am
Hello, I'm new to this group/ community. I'm looking for mentor, empath friends to start my new chapter of life. I'm so deeply sad and lonely that I had to go to behavior therapy 3 weeks ago. I have leaned that I'm an awakening empath. I can relate to all the usual signs of being an empath and thought that everyone can feel/do the same. I 'm remembering lots of stuff since I was young and I was always an empath. Somehow I was able to heal so many without even knowing it, and now I have so much other people feelings that I need help myself. I can feel energy from all around the world, so many people suffering, even when they die on the other side of the planet from something terrible, I feel their pain. I can tell everything that is happening around me and predict what gonna happen before it happens. I see several different futures and then I can identify which one for sure will happen. I always can tell what people feel, how the conversation gonna go. I feel animals and their needs. Recently I start noticing that I have connection with wind, water, trees, plants. I feel that I have connection to the universe, to some higher power and that I'm an alien or something. There is so much stuff available on the market, it's confusing to me. I need to concentrate on just a few things. I have purchased a few things to keep negative energy away from me, but haven't tried them yet.
Comment by Caleb on April 9, 2015 at 7:22pm

Hi, I have had something like intense empathy for a few years now. I consider it to be empathy anyway.. whether it was a change in the way I think or that I am actually picking up and decoding energy I still don’t know. I will basically change into different people subconsciously. I can feel their faces, and I have an idea of their thoughts. Probably best described as passive channeling.. Sometimes I can borrow their perspectives. I have been taking medication in order to suppress it for some time now.  I would get so much information I rarely felt like myself.. I had very little control and I was always sharing my mind and body.  Sometimes I act or move like people I have copies of.. pick up accents. I am hoping to get some insight into my condition from a psychic perspective.. Maybe advice on what to use it for. How I can test it etc.

Comment by Kristina Perez on April 5, 2015 at 6:06am
Hello! I always called being an empath as me just being "sensative". When I am around people I, way to often, can sense them and feel what they are feeling. Often times being overwhelmed with a wave of emotions to the point where I am no longer in tune with my state of emotion. I also am a good listener and can solve everyones problems, give them the best of advice and, at least i hope, given them a new positive outlook on situations and built them up to their true selves. When faced with my life...oh what a mess. So i wanted to ask for some help/guidance if possible on the gift that our Lord has given us and also advice on my life. I know I am to be of service and help and show others that their is a way out of our hells. So I am in the process of admitting myself into rehab. Not so long ago i was going to make it my passion in life to help every man and woman out of the disease of addiction. I would see my mother in every woman i helped. In every man i would be saving my father who now has cirrhosis of the liver. But I too have my demons and recently thought about giving up and loosing myself in addictions but i guess God has other plans for me. Im actually grateful for another attempt at life. Wheres as my loved ones have slowly given up on me I am grateful that our Lord has not yet done so. Can someone offer any guidance/thoughts/advice??? I await for ur much appreciated words.
Comment by educator456 on December 12, 2014 at 10:01am
The Foundation for Critical Thinking established various standards of critical thinking one of which is to see all points of view from all participants to the dialogue. I am an active member of the foundation. As a judicial trainer of trainers, I must understand all factors, including points of view, before I make a decision. I try to guide the dialogue so as to assist others to understand that, in a courtroom, it is not about the judge. It is about, as John Q. Adams said in the Amistad case " It is about the defendant ". He continued to say " We can all see that he is from Africa. But can we also see that he is the reason that we are here today? Empathy is found in nerve cells called mirror neurons. These neurons have evolved over time from our prehistoric ancestors, the great apes. If you ever heard of the adage " Monkey see, monkey do " . That is where it stems from. We feel what other people feel through these neurons found in the rear lobe of the brain. We must use those neurons to a greater extent, because if we don't then, due to non use, they will slowly become non active due to non use.
Comment by educator456 on December 12, 2014 at 9:44am
E Entering the

M Mind of the

P Partner/Participant/Person

A And

T Thinking like

H Him/Her

Y Yourself

Copyright 2014 Frank Palatnick
Comment by Sirah on December 11, 2014 at 7:06am
Yep I ment career. Thank you
Comment by Jennifer on December 10, 2014 at 6:31pm
Hi Educator 456, I get the feeling that Sirah meant "career" below.
Comment by educator456 on December 6, 2014 at 9:05am

You mention the word ' carrer ' . Could you please define that word? Thank you.

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