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This is the Library of Inspiration, Life, Light, and Love. Here you will find knowledge, links, articles, and personal stories on how to refocus and rekindle the drive within you to be the Creator you came here to be. You can find additional help at my YouTube channel


We have been waiting for you with open arms.  First and foremost I want you to  KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED.

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Who is the angel of caregivers?

Started by SnakeMedicine. Last reply by SnakeMedicine Feb 16. 68 Replies

I am a full-time (and then some!) caregiver for an elderly, disabled, and chronically ill parent.  For some reason it popped into my head that I should ask who the angel of caregivers is.  I know Raphael is the angel of healing, but I don't feel like what I'm doing is healing.  I'm willing to be wrong of course.I thought Bing might know the answer to this one...Continue

Experiences of Awakening

Started by Sheetal Jain. Last reply by Gary Hill Mar 15. 59 Replies

I have decided to add thisbecause when the awakening started happening...I was wondering like a lost..researching ...looking for answers...asking people around...whom I felt little connected...going to online forums....its still going on for me..its not a one day process....I am sure everyone has own experiences....but then if we feel...people might can relate with the things when kind of similar things were happening...So I would like to add few experiences and how it began...may be others also can add here...I am 32 and would turn 33 in July...I was like a common child...just like everyone..never realised any special powers...but people use to say I am different not because of any thing physically different but because of my thoughts and outlook..I ahve always been a rebel...always took my stand and did whatever I decided..even if it meant that standing against whole society alone..have done that many times...then last year around Nov...I started feeling someone keeps telling…Continue

Indigo and Crystal People

Started by Bing Haley. Last reply by JoshuaF Feb 13. 48 Replies

Hi This is a blog about Indigo and Crystal people. In this article you will find a great link to the online radio station 1111 Talk Radio by Simran Singh.  If you follow the link you will see that you can also apply for the free 1111 Magazine to be sent to you by email.  It is full of great information and will help you to open your gift and realize that there are many other enlightened people seeking to raise the levels of Light, Life and Love in this world.  You can also access past broadcasts. The discussed topic on this particular program is called "Children of the Fifth World" and is all about the new generation of children.  Perhaps you are one of them.  Here is the interview and the link. Children of the Fifth World …Continue

Tags: depression, intuitive, psychic, starseed, children

I Deserve / Be the Light / I Love You

Started by Bing Haley. Last reply by Natasha Snyder Nov 6, 2013. 31 Replies

 Hi I would like to send you a little mantra that I repeat every day and it really, really has helped me to find myself and be a good person and a strong Lightworker.  I have followed it with a short explanation of each line and how repeating this little mantra will change your life.  As empaths we quite naturally give to others before thinking of ourselves.   Self doubt has followed me for many  years  as a result of my believing all of the abusive lies I was told in my youth by my father and religious teachers.  I have accomplished and survived many challenges that would have stopped many others and have reinvented myself more than once.  However, there is still that nagging little gnat that buzzes in my ear tellng me that I don't deserve anything positive in my life.  'Who do you think you are; you're no good, never have been and never will be."  Now, each day, I tell that little boy inside me these affirmations and he is finally dancing in the sunshine like he should have been…Continue

Tags: serenity, love, spirit, wisdom, self

Corporate Personality Test

Started by Bing Haley. Last reply by serenity Jan 15. 27 Replies

HiThis is a short test used by major corporations to find out more about your personality type and where you would fit in their organization.  It was featured on Oprah by Dr. Phil.  He got 55 and Oprah got 38.  It is always fun to find out a little bit more about yourself. There are 10 simple questions, so grab a pencil and paper.  Record your letter answers to each question.  Don’t go ahead of the questions and peek at the answers.  I’ll be watching. LOLReady?Begin. 1.  When do you feel  your best...A)   in the  morningB)  during  the afternoon and early eveningC)    late at night 2.    You usually   walk...A)   fairly  fast, with long stepsB)   fairly fast, with little  stepsC)   less fast head up, looking the world in  the  faceD)  less fast, head  downE)  very  slowly 3. When   talking to people you...A)   stand with your  arms foldedB)   have your hands claspedC)    have one or both your hands on your  hipsD)   touch or push the person  to whom you are talkingE)     play with…Continue

Tags: quizzes, intelligence., quiz, Aptitude, tests


Started by Bing Haley. Last reply by AlwaysEvolvingTy Feb 6. 24 Replies

 "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth" Sherlock Holmes HiBelow you will find the international symbol for empaths.  It is the Greek Letter PHI.  International empath day is celebrated on November 11.  (11/11) It was chosen by Jad Alexander who is the author of " The Book of Storms".  If you would like to learn more about the choice for this Phi being the symbol of empaths I am including two links ( one to his site and one to this topic at the EC )that will help you learn more about it. Jad Alexander EC Topic   The following article is from an article written by Sharon Simpson a member here at the E/C, as well as the site "A Mind Unleashed".  I thought it might be…Continue

Tags: psychic, of, kids, spirits, vibrations

Ringing in the ears?!?!?!

Started by STEVEN. Last reply by Tami Oct 16, 2013. 22 Replies

Hello group       This group was suggested to me and i think this would be the perfect forum for my question.        Ringing in the ears. I have heard  ringing in the ears mentioned here quite a few many times on this site. I have heard that it is a trait empaths have, i have heard that it is a "cosmic" noise and i have heard people talking about the ringing in the ears but not in detail.         I have had very low volume, high pitch ringing in my right ear. I have had it ever since i could remember. I have to assume it's been there since birth because as far back as my memory goes i can remember hearing the ringing. As a very small child ( maybe 5 or 6 yrs old ) i remember that i had seen a television commercial about TINITUS and i told my mother that i had tinitus and she told me i was obviously mistaken because that only happens to adults who are exposed to loud noises.         The ringing is always there, sometimes very low sometimes quite loud. When i was a child i would…Continue


Started by DW. Last reply by 08lvbmvsvx89e Sep 21, 2013. 16 Replies

Does anyone know what this really means?Everyday now for the last month I see this, and 1:11 as well. It is just so obvious now every day for so long I know it has some significant meaning, but what? It's been going on so long that they must think I'm really dense. :(Thanks for any imput.HugsDWContinue

Thoughts on 2012

Started by marci. Last reply by Ing Feb 20, 2012. 15 Replies

HiI am new to this website and am very interested in stuff like intuition, i am not sure but think i am an indigo adult. does anyone have anything to share on what is happening in our world now and this 2012 phenomena. i don't think it is an event, more of things happening and reaching a climax soon, maybe 2012. Any thoughts.Continue

I Am Awake

Started by Bing Haley. Last reply by cathykaiser56 Mar 20. 15 Replies

As we strive towards ascension we empaths "feel" the oneness of the energy of all.  It comes over us as a great feeling of love for everyone and everything as we move deeper and deeper into the Light.  The following is a poem posted by Lost Angel, a member here at the EC.  I include it here at the Library for your enlightment and in the hope it will help you on your journey.  I AM AWAKE I am awake today, for the first time My vision has changed My eyes now see the Universal Possibilities In every person, in every event There are no limits, no restrictions No boundaries... Every spectrum of Our colors are envisioned without judgment We can become anything, do anything, Our needs answered My heart now feels the Universal Love In every person, in every event There are no limits, no restrictions No boundaries.... Every hurt forgiven, Our vibrations of love & joy unbound We are free to be loved, to love, to aid and give, all unconditionally My body now feels the Universal…Continue

Tags: I, am, awake, poem., oneness.

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Comment by Casey Drechsler on November 5, 2013 at 5:15pm
Oops it sent too early lol.. I've just aaked them to leave me alone for a while .. they know they have problems ans that they've done lota wrong but wverytime I talk text or see them I change into a very unhappy person ans my belly is full of knots .. unless I drink alcohol during thw visit..
Comment by Casey Drechsler on November 5, 2013 at 5:12pm
Thankyou! Its hard sometimes. My parents are very toxic people and cause me great stress
Comment by Stephen R on November 5, 2013 at 10:17am

Welcome Casey! I am glad you are doing better! 

I to have had my moments with alcohol ever since I was 22 or so, only 4 years but I have to be really careful when I drink because I can easily drink heavily 2 or three times a week if not careful.

I hope you continue to get better and learn from this website like I and many others have!

Comment by Casey Drechsler on November 4, 2013 at 4:04pm
Wow. Just wow. I'm 31 and a mother of two.. I've only just heard about empaths and now realise that I am one. I've struggled my whole life with emotions and just knowing how others feel.. I've recently been using crystals to heal and protect myself and feeling much better. I was on ssris and battled with alcohol because it felt so good to calm everything down. Its like a huge awakening for me and I know that this is what has been "wrong".
Comment by Skye Silver on October 31, 2013 at 12:16pm
Just joined, I hope to learn a lot and maybe help people as well!
Comment by Barbara on October 21, 2013 at 10:18am
Comment by KateriTekakwitha on December 7, 2011 at 2:57pm 
even though it says universal empath, it might be useful for other empaths as well =) this is where i learned that i was an empath, and i stumbled across this on accident...
...or was it???? ;)

Comment by laura h. davis on November 23, 2011 at 3:56pm
HeyBing,thank you for your kind welcome I would like to become a participant,however I must warn you and ask for your forgiveness ,I am extremely limited in my capacity to communicate via language let alone computer .this is very new to me , it may take a while to polish my skills .
Comment by annmarie on November 22, 2011 at 1:40pm

hi im new to the group can you tell me how to contact my angels,i have tried calling out to them but nothing.

Comment by Sandy B on September 1, 2011 at 3:17pm
I stumbled across a neat looking meditation site today and wanted to share the link:   It seems to have a lot of info.  I haven't had a chance to go through the whole site, so I hope it'll be of help to some of you!

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