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A man who says he is a spiritual mentor and his wife have been attacking me spiritually for quite some time now. His wife made mental attacks on me for no reason and they threat me on numerous occasions. I confronted them when i felt some very strong attacks and alot of anger, but they got worse and began threatening my family, most of it felt like envy to me on alot of differnt occasions. Last year someone told me they bind me with some mantras and ceremonial work maybe and as she helped me out I felt a clouded energy release from me. The thing is they are giving me subtle hints continuosuly that they are causing me harm and they are using evil magic and that they wont stop harming him, his wife never retretaed back from sending negative vibes to all kinds of attcak towards me and they are very arrogant, they dont stop. How do I deal with this, I feel they have cursed me already now how do I release myself from it. I also wanted to look for herbs and protection and accidentally I ended up on this forum called the lucky mojo forum online, the types of thinsg these ladies wnat to do to eeach other is horrible. One lady said she wnats her mother to die because she is 77 years old and that she favored her brother more, another said she wanted to take someone else's good luck away from them and make it her own , isnt that too evil to even jokingly say ? it scared me, 

how do I deal with these silly monsters it is tiring me up.

these are some lines I got from a psychic friend who helped me read into this situation,


This guru you speak of is a powerful man and is well respected and even feared by others because of his powers. The problem is he has become filled with pride and I feel is using his reputation for egotistical satisfaction and financial gain. His impure motives have attracted negative spirits to him and it is these entities who now give him his power and work through him. You also have natural psychic abilities but they are not corrupted. They are pure and untainted by negative motives and I sense that there was some kind of disagreement between you and the guru which caused him to view you as a threat but what was really happening was the dark spirits that are behind his powers saw the potential of good in your abilities and wanted to squelch them. That is why you were being abused by the people who should have been loving you because these entities were behind the abuse. The ceremony this guru performed was in effect a way to "mentally bind and incapacitate" you from reaching your potential.

Now, THIS is where the healing comes in. You know the truth and truth will set you free. The reason I asked you to visualize bandages being removed from around your head is because I saw the darkness he placed on your mind to bind your abilities and the mental injuries caused by the emotional abuse. You removing these bandages represented both you removing the bonds he placed on you and you being healed (bandages are removed when a wound heals). The ONLY hold these spirits can keep over you now is what you let them have through fear. Believe me, they will try keep you in fear but when you feel afraid, call on Jesus to embrace you in His love and to completely surround you with His light and to protect you with His power. Always remember, even the tiniest pinpoint of light dispels the greatest amount of darkness. These negative spirits will realize you mean business and will eventually leave you alone and you will be able to fulfill your potential. 

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Hi Angel Star! There's a Psychic Protection group here on the E C that might have beneficial info for you. Best of luck!

Hi :)

If you have a hamsa keep it with you at all times except when you place it in the moonlight for cleansing (once a month on the full moon).

If you don't have one you may want to buy one or the evil eye charm.

The picture I've included shows both the hamsa(hand) & the evil eye bracelets on blue cords.

Have a great weekend :)


Thanks Nocture's angel I will look into one of these.

How are you receiving these threats? Telephone, in person, through others? They planted a seed and if you detach it will no longer grow. Cut them off immediately and you'll feel better.

Altruistica, yes they tried to plant a seed and I was fighting against it. They have gone from my life, this person caused something like bewitchment and they had some ulterior motives for personal gain which I confronted them about and they got more agressive. they threat me in person earlier and then they threat my family when I confronted them. it went on for many months last year and they did not stop. 

I have cut them off, I was struggling to cut them off because they caused me to be attached but I have cut them off now. 

hello miss star the group for protection seems to me a good idea for you I just wanted to say that constantly get bombarded with all the people around me all there suffering for seven years I lived in constant agonizing torment when I learned how to understand recognize and naturally safely feel and release this imput 2 years ago my life literally began to change I was able to free myself of the torure, I wasn't being attacked with intent but my method should help you, so heres what I do when yor being attacked go to a safe comforting place alone or with dear friends begin by determining what your being sent for example if its anger stay in control but recognize the emotion sent realize it feel it cope then release it as if its  your own feel yourself being cleansed of it after allowing yourself to feel it and it will pass disperse it safely in the natural process its the accumulative built up combined energies that hinder you, you are strong and capable anger hate and ill will can cripple however they pale in comparison to love gratitude compassion and peace so let these positive frequency's help cleanse you then strike back send them love and understanding sympathy and healing, your positive energy strength and focus combined with sending them the opposite  of what they're dealing should together help immensely to cancel out they're attacks, you are powerful and with positivity and good counsel from friends you will be safe indefinitely from the weaker hurtful people, youll be kept in the forefront of my thoughts sending you strength love and gratitude, you will overcome it trust those proven to have your best interest in mind

thank you so much, yes the energy has left my life now, it was severe like getting rid of a bad spirit, and in the last many days as I was fighting to make it leave I only realized how funny it all really was, people feed on other people's weaknesses to make themselves powerful only when you can fight back, we get the opportunity to see how guilt ridden people actually look like, very weak. A person who hurts another person is never the strong one, and that is their weakness , when there is light there si nothing to fear.

It was a very angry phase for me, because here I noticed how unworthy people take courage to bully innocent others, when you fight back their defenses go down. It is not always about proetction it is also about fighting back !

I needed alot of blessings because it was serious and I am really grateful for the many wonderful people who guided me and blessed me along the way !

Thank for the post :)

  Psalms 23 is a good scripture to read when you feel attacked, just recite it aloud and do not stop until it subsides.

   Ye tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil."



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