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Fallen Angel Empaths


Fallen Angel Empaths

A group for people interested in talking about Fallen Angel Empaths:

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Welcome! I wanted to create a group for people interested in talking about Fallen Angel Empaths.

You are a Fallen Angel empath. You have not found your place in this world yet and wander as a lost soul. Your wings have been clipped but you know deep inside they will grow back. You need to fly free and proud. Fallen Angels are spiritual beings who were trapped by flesh, and are now seeking to spread their wings again.


I took this quiz here: http://quizfarm.com/quizzes/new/Pangelic/what-kind-of-empath-are-you/ and I got the result that I was a Fallen Angel Empath. There's nothing mystical or supernatural about that - it's just a short-hand term for Empaths who feel deeply disconnected from the world about them. That irony is really interesting to me - that I'm able to connect with people so easily, but still feel deeply disconnected.

Here's a rule for this group - please don't try and talk us out of our feelings! Consider that the very negative feelings associated with this type of empathy are the flip side of the coin - they may have a purpose. If I didn't feel isolated, painfully out of place, and the odd one out... then I would never have developed the ability to walk into a room, spot people who felt nervous, and befriend them and make them feel welcome and open. If you try and talk me out of those awful feelings, then you might talk me out of a wonderful gift!

I'd love this to be a place where people can feel it's safe to admit to wretched feelings and let them stand out there in the open. Please resist the urge to swoop in and give help, reassurance, or advice unless someone is specifically asking you for that! Respect us enough to assume that we'll find own way through.

I want to reemphasise that - the ideal vibe is that we're sitting around having coffee, and sharing real experiences from our real lives, just as real people do! So here's another rule: as soon as it feels like we're teaching a class, rather than sharing over coffee, then we're missing it - we've gotten completely off track. As soon as it feels like you are teaching people, I ask that you would take that elsewhere. Let's be equals, allies and friends - not mentors and students.


Please do introduce yourself in this thread: Introduce yourself 

Consider it the cost of entry to this group. Please don't start contributing until you've done this. Once you've introduced yourself please do start threads, ask questions, think out loud, share your life and experiences. My favourite moments on this site have been those when I've read someone else's experiences and realised "They're just like me! Different - yet the same."


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