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Moderator 2
01/26/13 09:32:31AM @moderator-2:

Welcome to the EC! Here are our community guidelines to help you navigate and contribute on site. Please read before posting. Enjoy your time here. "

01/26/13 02:59:46PM @bing:
Hi GinWelcome to the EC.  Drop by and visit the " Library of Inspiration".Throw some love into the wind.Bing
03/28/13 11:18:56AM @dice:
Red Ribbon
06/13/14 09:12:06PM @dice:

Hello the Gin!

08/11/14 03:55:51PM @dice:

I appreciate you my friend.

01/23/15 08:29:40AM @dice:

Took a pause to say "HELLO"...

Cheshire Cat
01/24/15 11:30:37AM @cheshire-cat:

Hey Gin,

I just discovered and love the poems, especially Grandpa. I know how much you need a family member like that, (don't we all?). I feel him around you, watching over you and embracing you. His presence is strong and he is one reason why you are so strong, my friend! :-)

Gin S
09/15/16 07:57:38AM @gin-s:

Thank you, I feel him too.

09/16/16 06:22:16PM @dice:

Hi Gin!