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By Gin S, 2013-02-05

Forever I will miss you, I long for one more day.

To sit among the gardens, sipping tea and chatting away.

You could always make me smile and pushed aside the gloom.

How did I not see you age until it was too late.

I know you had so many years but I wanted you to stay.

Why did he have to take you away?

To have you here forever would not be long enough.

In our hearts you will carry on, until the time when we also move on.

On that day we will not fear for we will know it is you we will see.

That day will be special and full of love,

As we dance together in the clouds above.

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The Tree

By Gin S, 2013-02-05

I am like a tree rooted deep in the earth.

The more I grow the stronger I get.

Storms may shake me, bend me with their fury,

But I am withstanding.

My roots grow fast, secure me and strengthen me.

The sun's rays calm me.

The green surrounds, relaxing me.

Each day I grow more, stretching to the sky,

Reaching for the clouds.

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