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Almost a year

By Gigi Miner, 2016-09-18

It's been almost a year since my last post.  Life has changed dramatically...tho' there're still challenges.

The abuser is out of the house, tho' he expends a great deal of energy to make sure I am harassed by neighbors and watched by his flying monkeys.  That sounds paranoid - I only wish it were.

Still...I am free...mostly.  And I'm doing my best to heal.  A lifetime of abuse is now being faced head on.  Most days I'm okay.  Most days I do pretty well.  Some days, not so much.  Isolation is a big aspect with the kind of abuse I've lived.  So, establishing my clan, my tribe, is my current goal...along with the constant healing process.  I know it's a life-long process.  I can deal.  But it would be nice not to have to deal alone any more.

I am opening up to my calling.  I am letting spirit bring to me what I need and the lessons I need to learn.  The fear of that is almost non-existent.  Oh, there are days...but mostly at least, this path is like a comfortable blanket - especially when compared to what I had lived. the days go by, I'm embracing my life in the moment as best I can.  I am trying to find ways to serve and touch others' lives in some helpful way.  And, I'm healing.  It's a different journey for an empath.  But I'd say it makes it far more interesting.  :) 

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