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Synchronicity et al

By: Gigi Miner
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I'm currently trying to follow the "signs". I've used logic for most of my life to make choices and decisions. Now, as an experiment and really as an opening to a deeper spiritual walk, I'm trying to listen, see, etc.

It can be challenging, especially as an empath where we feel so much that's not necessarily ours. I could use some good (very gentle) vibes my way to help me stay in tune and not get dragged about by the various tides of humanity.

I don't usually ask for help. Probably another thing that has to change. But very few understand this walk other than those who live it. Since I don't know any other empaths IRL, there's no one to talk to, to bounce ideas off of, just to understand.

As an HSP as well...well, let's just say it's like being the skinless man sometimes. But I am glad to be finding my way and being what I am. It's like a new adventure in so many ways. There's a great leap of joy when you see the signpost and it leads you in a good direction. Then you can pat yourself on the back for being in tune at that moment.

The distractions are many. But the rewards seems well worth the efforts. :)

Nocturne's Angel
08/28/12 10:31:20PM @nocturnes-angel:


Just said a prayer for you & sending you positive energy...

Gigi Miner
08/29/12 04:12:33AM @gigi-miner:

Thank you, Angel. :)

Gigi Miner
12/19/12 09:51:45AM @gigi-miner:

Thank you, Chuck. Don't even need a whole bush. ;) Maybe just one leaf would do fine. :D That goes for the trees too. Maybe the whole tree doesn't have anything much to say.