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Is it that bad?

By: Gigi Miner
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I actually wrote a small book-let about being an empath, my path, the walk of being an HSP etc. Three people have had the book. One said it was "well done" but didn't make any sense. Okaaaaaayyyyy.

I think it might be possible that I was wandering around in my own mind, down my own path and it's just too specific to me to make any sense to anyone else. Obvsiously, it makes sense to me 'cause I wrote it. HA!

With so much going on in my life, I may be off my proverbial rocker a bit. Too overwhelmed by this world and the stuff I need to do to survive to be well in touch with my spiritual self. That sucks.

Currently in the process of some financial and life-changing events. Now add what I'm sure is a type of awakening, that seems to be happening all over the place for spiritual folks, and that lost feeling is all too strong. But then, that's sort of what I wrote about. Go figure.

Gigi Miner
05/27/12 03:17:02AM @gigi-miner:

Thank you, Regina. Yes, if they'd trickle in it might be a tad easier. But I guess energy doesn't work that way. :D