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Harm None

By: Gigi Miner
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Easier said than done many days. My only "rule" is to harm none - at least as far as I am able. This means that I will not pursue something I want or need if it hurts or otherwise brings discomfort to another, to the best of my ability. Now, I could get all noble about it and think of myself as some higher lifeform, but alas, there is a very selfish reason when all is said and done. If I cause harm to another, I feel it. I get to live with the pain and the hurt as well.

I believe in the "live and let live" creedo, but only so far as one person's living does not impinge on the life of another. This is far more complicated than most might think. As empaths, I think we feel these connections more readily than most. So, teaching others about respecting boundaries is, at least to me, part of the path.

I've interacted with many in the spiritual community.What I run across, more often than I'd have considered possible, is that many well-meaning individuals will pray, meditate, send energies, [insert your terminology here] without permission of the receiving person.- to force your energies on another without their express permission is neigh unto spiritual rape.

It is not up to us to determine if they need our energies. It is up to them. Each person gets to say "yes" or "no" and the light workers are not given the right to override an individual's right to choose.

To violate the individual without permission is to cause harm, regardless of one's intent. I think many an empath has suffered from this sort of violation (often without realizing it), which should make us all the more understanding about such things.

I know, it's a hornet's nest just waiting to be poked. But if we're going to walk this path, we need to be careful where we step.

Gigi Miner
03/04/12 05:39:49AM @gigi-miner:

Nash, I wish I knew the answers. The child seems a good question, as they often don't know they need something and are generally innocents. My only answer might be to be very careful and to see if maybe their guides, protectors, higher spirits, [insert term here] can give permission. That being said, I'm always careful for fear that my own ego might say "heck yeah" rather than receiving permission otherwise.

Maybe if we just "emit" love on passing, not directing our energies, that would help but not be a violation...then the individual can take or leave it? Let me know if you get a better answer, 'cause I'm always looking for one. ;)