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Kind of Empath

By: Gigi Miner
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I took the quiz before joining this group:

You are a Universal Empath, you possess all the qualities of the other seven empath groups. You are what is known as an "Implicate" or Imp, a product of evolutionary design and genetic mutation. You are a psychic hybrid. (from "The Book of Storms" by Jad Alexander at ... Universal 95% Fallen Angel 90% Traveler 90% Precog 80% Judge 80% Healer 75% Shaman 70% Artist 65%

Still don't know "what" I am beyond that. Abusive early years smothered the natural development. Survival dictates that you can't follow your instincts if your survival is attached to the abuse. So, late start on learning all this and actually seeing what I am.

Have had several people tell me they knew what I was before I did. How's that for self awareness? :D

I've helped others find their path. Maybe I'm just a roadsign. I could be like the scarecrow changing which way I'm pointing depending on how I'm feeling. Ha!

Gigi Miner
02/02/12 10:28:15AM @gigi-miner:

Thank you. :) No worries regarding the past. Many have had it far worse. I make the statement so others like me will understand that there were blocks in the way. One of the biggest being we think we should be able to make leaps and bounds in our walk. ;)

I do agree with you that things change so quizzes are mostly just for fun and conversation. As for soul searching - all the things I like are either illegal, immoral or fattening. :D One thing I've found is that those who are the most content are the ones doing something that they love, that is natural for them.

I appreciate the welcome and kind words.