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I've been absent from so much in my life. This because I'm trying to break free from an abusive relationship - oh, it's not physically abusive. For some reason, folks don't accept it if there's no bruises to show - but my soul is damaged and thus, I'm working to heal.

Being an empath means that some of the wounds are very deep. I am still grateful tho'. I know that all these painful lessons will only bring me to a better place - better able to help others. But it's a rough journey.

The abuser is still here - he knows I want him to leave. He said he would, but living like a prisoner in my own home (and yes, even tho' I have been for the last 18 years anyway) is nerve wracking.

This too shall pass. Tho' I'd appreciate any positive energies that might help him move out more quickly. I'm in constant fight or flight mode and that's exhausting.

Kaitlyn Brokaw
10/09/15 09:33:28AM @kaitlyn-brokaw:

Oh my, I am sorry you are going through this!

It's very stupid, just because you cannot SEE the damage, it doesn't mean it's not there. And it's so very upsetting hardly anyone understands this. I feel like you have some auric tears and holes, would it be okay for me to send you info on this? I am sending positive energies your way!

Lots Of Love,

Kaitlyn xxx

Gigi Miner
10/09/15 10:35:27AM @gigi-miner:

Thank you, Kaitlyn. Please do send info. I'm always looking to learn something new. :)

Gigi Miner
10/13/15 12:01:12AM @gigi-miner:

Thank you, Lynda. I appreciate the encouragement. :) He's a covert narcissist, so he's very sneaky and extremely uncooperative. I'm already not talking to him. It only ends with a mess as he twists it up. I'm looking forward to all the wonderful lessons, no matter how painful - the biggest barrier is his presence.