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I don't know how to help my 19yr old

By: Gem
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I need to write this down. I've made it only visible to friends.My 19yr old is suffering depression. He has done on and off from a very early age (he's been through a lot). He got in with the wrong crowd in his early teens at school and has suffered substance abuse issues on and off since then.Currently his girlfriend lives with us...she too has depression and is extremely insecure. It's been one row after another since before Xmas. With both occasionally self harming and threatening suicide.I had to take my son to hospital two nights ago because of self harm and his threats to end it all. He was assessed by a mental health nurse. One of the questions was about if he ever hears voices... Which I knew he had but thought it was a recent thing..turns out he's had voices on and off since being around 8. He said the voices aren't his internal thought voice but a separate unknown voice. So we're waiting for an appointment for 'early intervention team ' where he'll be assessed by a consultant.I'm trying not to be scared, I'm trying to be strong for him...I also feel responsibility for his girlfriend because she has not got good relationship with her adoptive parents and has no friends. I'm perpetually terrified of one of them doing something and it's really starting to take its toll.Part of me thinks about the people on hear who's doctors thought they had psychosis but they know now they were hearing spirit..presumably though the voices they heard weren't saying horrible things to them. I realise I'm probably wishful thinking.I really hope this early intervention team hurries up with the appointment but with the huge cuts to the mental health budget here in the UK I just don't know how long we'll be waiting.I needed to get this off my chest in a safe environment to be completely honest.

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