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My sensitive child

By: Gem
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Im being put to sleep for a colonoscopy early tomorrow morning (UK time).I've got to drink 2 litres of the most hideous 'prep'Its just me and my almost 3yr old in the house and being curious about mummys drink he kept asking for some. I explained it's mummys medicine and it tastes disgusting. He dipped his finger in wanting proof. His little face scrunched up and he said 'oh mummy it IS disgusting' he then put his arms around me and said he was sad. Sad is exactly how I'm feeling about drinking it. It is exactly the word for it.Then a few minutes later while it was set down on the table he dipped his fingers in it again and put it to his tongue.. Repeating that it's disgusting and he felt sad.Now he keeps saying 'sorry mummy 'Obviously I'm keeping it in my hand now to prevent him from trying to join in the misery of this drink.But each day since my own 'awakening' I'm becoming more aware of my littlest man's sensitivity..his constantly saying sorry with nobody sure whyHim often asking each person in turn 'you ok mummy?' 'you ok *older brother* 'you ok daddy?'Lots of other things too.I'd love to hear from any other parents out there who have experience with sensitive kids.
Kaitlyn Brokaw
11/17/15 01:50:27PM @kaitlyn-brokaw:


I LOVE your child and have not even met him! So sweet. May I message you later? I have SO much info and stories to share!

11/17/15 10:26:10PM @gem:
Hi Kaitlyn, yes of course it'd be lovely to hear. Thanks x
12/27/15 05:04:31PM @visitor:

I don't have kids, but maybe he's picking up on your anxiety about the procedure? Your post is from last month, so I assume the procedure is all over and everything is fine. He's probably calmer now too.

01/02/16 05:07:49AM @gem:
Hi Visitor, my procedure went ok thanksWas diagnosed IBS.My little one is easily affected by others emotions still, especially my own so I'm having to be very mindful of how I am and not let things build up as he picks up on it.He's become very attached to two of my crystals, chevron amethyst wand and clear quartz. He places the chevron amethyst on himself if he is hurt. He holds onto both if he's feeling sad. He asks for them if they aren't in the same room as us.
01/06/16 08:18:28AM @gem:
Seems it was time to smudge little ones room again. Up all last night seeing 'ghosts' and 'monsters' it's about a month after the last time he needed his room doing.. Hope he sleeps better tonight.Last week in the lounge during the day he suddenly said there was a little girl outside the window shouting at him and she Was hurt. It's hard to know the right thing to say to him when things like that happen because he's only just coming up to 3. I just acknowledged him and said ok well let's hope she is ok and we'll cuddle up till she is ready to go. You are ok. I am ok. We are safe.