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Trying out different things

By: Gem
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I bought my first deck of angel cards recently. I've used them a couple of times since getting them but today whilst focusing on my question and shuffling four fell out of the pack. I'd read when this happens to pay particular attention to the cards. I have to say they were particularly well matched and meaningful to what was in my head.I also received my first pendulum today. I went for one made of clear quartz. I asked questions to figure out it's yes/no responses and then asked things I'd like more guidance on. Two of my questions got really strong responses speed wise.I've also put a deposit down for my level one reiki. I'm not doing it till end of February to give myself more time in getting a feel for all these new feeling and possibilities opening up to me.I'm feeling very positive today despite a lot of hurt and sadness this past week.I'm going to make the most of feeling in this happier frame of mind.

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