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Turn the other cheek?

By: Gem
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I've been doing a lot of spiritual reading and a recurring theme is not giving space inside of yourself to people whom try to disrupt/hurt you.I of course understand the idea that the negative emotions within yourself that those people cause are not good for us. I'm struggling with the idea that we somehow ignore it though?Those who hurt me in the past I've been able I think to let go of feelings attached but those affecting me in the present who I'm tied to through marriage.. I can't allow them to continually attack my peace of mind, either directly or indirectly through my husband.I know it's natural to feel anger, frustration etc under these circumstances but I also want to progress spiritually and don't want to hold myself back in any way because of how their interference in my life makes me feel.We can't always turn the other cheek otherwise we become doormats and I'm done with being a doormat.I need to find a way to release the feelings that frequently occur because they are in my life through my husband. I've tried 'releasing anger meditations' ect and although in the hours following its better, I know it's not gone and it's never long before something occurs again to continue the unhealthy cycle I don't want to be a part of!

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