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Seeing Colours

By: Gem
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So another interesting reiki session today.This time I was seeing Colours. Not the chakra colours though. Also I kind of felt like the colours were people spirit side? Just a feeling.While she was at my crown I started seeing (all behind closed eyes) a pale lilac gracefully moved around expanding and contracting.I felt like this was my Nana I felt love and comfort. A dark colour started to appear alongside almost dark green. I'm not certain but I wondered if this was a particular friend spirit side.When she was over my throat and heart area the colours around the pale lilac circle and the dark green shape kind of went golden..shimmering as though the sunlight was dancing on me but it's not sunny here today so I knew it wasn't that.When she moved over my tummy and sacral area I got a circle of pink it was a very certain definite pink and again it expanded and I don't want to write what I feel this related to be I feel I know.I felt like they were with me.Is it that I wanted them to be? Is it my imagination manifesting these things or an outside thing happening to me? I don't know.It felt good though.

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