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It's so hard to know

By: Gem
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When you've been labeled depressed/anxious by doctors on and off for years..then suddenly something you've always believed in (spirituality) and certain extra senses or gifts may possibly apply to you! It's how to know?I've always believed some people are gifted with extra senses, ive always believed there is so much more than most of us realise.I also know I've had an awful lot to deal with in life, my road has never been easy and I've learnt so much the hard way. I know I've always been sensitive but I also know depression and anxiety are pretty normal reactions given some of the things I've had to go through.So anxiety and depression or empath or both?I always thought it was normal to feel the anxiousness of someone close to you ie close friends/partner/parents/child? I kind of knew I was more sensitive in that it could on occasion stay with me after its passed for them but again I didn't think anything of that till now.I've always wanted to help those I sense are doing wrong to themselves but are good souls. Lame duck syndrome is something my mum has always said I had..although in recent years after being battered with anxiety/depression and panic attacks if I get too stressed I help without getting to close eg take warm clothes and food out to the homeless but avoid people in my everyday life that I know will cause exhaustion.I still get that exhaustion though through my husband because his parents are an absolute nightmare. I've not had contact with them for months but still suffer through him. They still try to micromanage him therfore me. So I'm guessing those angry/frustrated/anxious/helpless feelings are mine because they are affecting my life through him.I know I'm rambling but needed to get this off my chest.I've got my Reiki lady coming in half an hour so hopefully I'll be feeling a bit more relaxed later!

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