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"Hi there, Sure, take your time, would be interested to hear what you experienced, I felt so awful and shattered after this recent encounter, it took me a..."
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Started a discussion "How does it feel 'from the other side'? - Dumping Emotions on me" in Empath
"Hi all, Trying to keep this short I am relatively new to this, I only found out I’m an Empath few months back, after opening my first topic in this forum..."


11/21/17 08:37:24AM @aaliyah:
Something strikes me about what you shared I don't know who you are but it sounds similar to what iv experienced and I'll get back to you when I can compose myself. I cant stop crying like a baby, felt like iv lost the love of my life..
11/21/17 08:44:37AM @gardentiger:

Hi there,

Sure, take your time, would be interested to hear what you experienced, I felt so awful and shattered after this recent encounter, it took me a week to recover and I still feel the aftermath, even though there was no tangible reason for it as we are not even together and that's not even what I want?! It happened to me before but with a relative stranger, not with a friend. And I seem to be getting the same kind of pain from them every time regardless. Very strange but I guess there must be a reason for that.

11/21/17 09:09:53AM @aaliyah:
I'm too overwhelmed to even process your expressions in ur post, I just feel the need to talk and I feel like I've been emotionally sucked dry 🤔.. I'll have to re read what youv written and by god do I feel relieved!! And this is defo not my energy.. Bear with me
11/21/17 12:14:35PM @aaliyah:
From what I gather on what youv expressed; perhaps you both need to communicate and resolve whatever misunderstandings have taken place. This article pretty much sums up what it's like as an empath for me (, but for the person I knew he never really told me so I always queried it, I guess in pursuit of determining whether what I would sense was true I resorted to some lows never to hurt this person but just trying to play psychic I guess, as a result it backfired and all the doors he kind of had opened closed. From what I used to gather he never intended to hurt me. To this day I sometimes feel he wants me back and leaves cues but I don't really buy into it as explained in the article. On a personal level I despise liars with a passion so if I suss someone's not being truthful I diassociate myself in anyway possible. I tend to catch energies from pictures/posts/ etc so when I read urs they were very close to home and bitter sweet, I take people's word for what they say because that's how I am and where intuition is concerned I have to put immense pressure to block out. Sometimes from what I experienced he was trying to tell me he was an empath but I am a bit slow so I guess ill never know. If he did ever pick up from me if he's an empath, I guess I'm envious that he's in love, like he has the lifestyle that I used to fantasise about and as much as im in a relationship but not in love its all I really wanted, it's complicated for me because im numb so I can get lost on my head to evoke emotion to 'feel' sometimes really dark places and unpleasent scenarios. Other times if I feel other people emotion I tend to find the best situation that matches what im feeling and it's like re living past scenarios again and again. If it's ur energy i caught from ur posts it's really intense you really need to speak with this person.

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