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negative energy

By: satsfyed
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It seems the past few years I am attracting negative energy. I consider myself a pretty descent person. I've dedicated myself to being a nurse my entire life and helping others. I volunteer my time for several organizations, will go out of my way for others, and honest. However, I am getting increasingly bitter and don't want to become that person because it seems everytime I turn around something else (negative) is happening that doesn't seem to be an average for a person! I am thinking I must be doing something wrong and even considering maybe I need a Guru or someone to cleanse my surroundings. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!!

09/15/16 01:10:46AM @areyoulivinglifeforward:

Maybe not all the negative things are meant to be negative to your life. Maybe they are lessons the universe wants you to learn or they are meant to help you grow. I have the same issue. When it rains it pours and it's almost constantly raining in my life, but I've begun welcoming the negativity in a positive way. Using it to help me to grow as an empath and manipulate the energies I'm attaching to. 

09/15/16 08:14:36AM @gannbarattayahoocom:

Thank you for your resposne. Can you elaborate on "manipulate the energies". How do you do that?