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Some of you know from private PMs that I have a daughter I worry about a lot. She's awesome and she's sweet  and so funny. Everyone who meets her loves her. She is such a comedian on so many levels,  But she suffers from anxiety and the best way I can describe her is  *stuck*. She seems to need her friends to initiate *anything*.  Sometimes she pushes them away. In fact, sometimes she   isolates so much that when the cycle has run its course she realizes she has no friends and then she is lonely.  I can tell you that she *does* have friends that love her very much  but there are miles between them and with college and work everyone seems to get lost in their own lives.  I get it, I've been there, but this *thing* , this cycle of isolation has been plaguing my daughter's  life  for so many years I stopped counting.

Now I am not a person who hallucinates. I'll admit  on rare occasions I have had what I call  *wakened dreams* but it always happens the same way with a buzzing noise, and this thing I call an electric cloud with a message attached to it. -- These happen when I'm sleeping and they wake me and the message always connects it to a real life event, so I'm not going to call that a hallucination.

But last  night something else happened that I have never had happen before; sure as hell I saw what appeared to be a black, smokey mist above my daughters head it seemed to rise up and away from her head and then dissipate quickly.

It shook me. I have to admit that.  I had never seen anything like it before. My  electric clouds are always white and come with a message (internal dialogue), but this was different.  Again, this was a dark greyish/blackish mist like smoke.

If anyone knows what this can be or has heard of something like this before I would appreciate anything you can share.  I'm not afraid of it. But I don't like it.

My daughter gave me protection to ask for positive energy for her ANYTIME.  So I'm asking now.

She's 20 years old. I told her in a way that didn't scare her. (Like, wow that was weird it almost looked like smoke over your head!!)  Left it at that.  So we are really both curious. about this.
Any of you wise people know about these kind of things, I would appreciate some feedback.
Otherwise, please a shot of love and light towards my daughter, Amber.
She's my darling.  And I also call down a swat team of angels to protect her.

I pray for her anxiety to dissipate.  I call for peace in her life.  I call for the sun to shine down upon her even on the rainiest days. I call for God to walk with her.  I call for a personal spiritual rebirth for her.
(she posed for this picture of a Tarot card years ago)

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My initial feeling is to do with the anxiety and also I think with depression. When I've been depressed in my life it feels as if there is a dark gray cloud I'm living under. I can't quite find the color to life anymore....just the shades of gray. Perhaps your girl is depressed along with the anxiety or because of the anxiety. Isolationism is a bummer cycle....been there, done that. What I like a lot, though, is that you saw the mist rising up and away from her head and dissipating. I like that it wasn't just hanging there.

I find that bergamot essential oil is very uplifting....good for lightening my mood. Maybe try that. Also, I've been checking into the stone larimar. It seems like that may be a good one for her as well.

I wish light to your sweet girl. Rays shining from all directions into her.

Peace and love
thank you so much for that great response. It's true..the smokey mist did not just hang there. It seemed to lift away from her.
I will look into the bergamot and we have a local stone crystal store, so I'll see about larimar.
Thank you for your kind wishes, my friend.

I know she'll be alright *someday*....but as a mother. It's just so hard feeling powerless. -- And I already know I've done everything I can. It truly is up to her now.

Thank you, Larinda. Thank you very much.
Hi Dear Roxy,

My heart goes out to your sweet daughter. I get the sense that she is surrounded by a fog almost but it has the power to dispate and clear. It is flowing and movable but is distracting her vision from what is good and can be good for her. I have faith Roxy, that the cloud will disappear. She is young, strong, wise and I sense gifted in many areas herself. I'm sending her the energy of love, resolution and peace to see her through this time.

Thank you, Lynn. I do know that you speak true words. And as always those words bring me much strength too.

Beautiful graphic. Thank you!

I think this smoke that you saw was good. I think it was some of the negative energy that she has been holding inside her, and she managed to release some of it. I see your daughter surrounded by all that love and light we have all been sending her way, and it is shielding her from the worst of that negative energy. With any luck that should help to evaporate more of the negative energy, and when your daughter finally feels ready to shed the shield she will be able to deal with this energy on her own and make it go away :)
Thank you, Christine. Sometimes I think it is *everyone else's* Love that keeps her from slipping under, at least until a time when she returns to a place of self love.

so you certainly nailed that feeling I've had. I feel a shift taking place right now. Maybe that is why I saw the smoke rise above and away. God knows how hard I've cried for her at times. Maybe God wanted me to see it lifting.
She is friends with an EC member and even he felt these enormous brick walls around her. The walls she built to protect herself are also the walls keeping out love. But I think in some way he is helping her too.
I think possibly you are right: This cloud lifting is a good thing.

Thank you, Christine.
Blessed Be.
Amy, thank you. I forgot about the Green Mile. Amber and I have to live in separate placed right now and while no one is complaining about that (since she is 20 and she works near her apartment) I know she loves coming home and being with the family. It's possible that she had a feeling of completion, because she was just sitting there looking at me and I KNOW she loves when our family gets together.
Maybe that's what it was.
Maybe like in the Green Mile, I *saw* her depression rise and dissipate ...even if only for a short while.
I know she loves being with me and watching our favorite tv shows. So maybe that's what it was.
It just freaked me out at first.
But you make sense.
Also, thank you for joining in my prayer for her. She really is a great kid. (I call her kid, but again she's 20.)

All of you kind folks gave me something to think about. And I thank you all for it.
I guess time will tell, but in my heart, I do believe she'll ultimately find the friends she craves (people who get her, she always says. And I know she wishes she could find a boyfriend.)
She's gorgeous, but when you're that shy and anxious it's hard to let relationships develop.

this is what I pray for her. Into God's hands. But before she can attract these things to her life, she needs to figure out who she is.
Life passages.
Janet, you're almost making me cry here, lady. My daughter was actually experiencing pain in and around the solar plexus area even as I created my post. I told her that she needs to help the anxiety wholistically by taking Vitamin Bs & D.
I'm concerned about her Thryoid too as she was shivering a lot last night.

An old friend of her's blew her off recently for reasons that are too anal to get into and not worth it.
But I think this is part of the negative cloud that's been depressing her, as much as she doesn't want to talk about it.

that's interesting about the cloud over your's and your neighbor's house. THANK YOU. I'm telling you, I know I'm not crazy. And it did cross my mind that it might be * a man made energy*. Either way, it was a first for me, so you can imagine I gasped when I saw it, but didn't want to scare my daughter so
laughed and said "hmmmm, isn't that something, I thought I saw smoke over your head." And I left it like that till later when I asked her "why do you think I saw smoke over your head. " and she said something like "because you're you!!!"

I feel fortunate that for the first time in years she's accepting and talking about a Higher Power.
She even allowed me to hold her hands and pray. That made me feel like *anything's possible.*
But you are right. I already know I can't help her. I can just love her. But I will take everything you said seriously. We have a place nearby with an energy healer who also is a psychotherapist and I got a good feeling about her when I saw her. So that'll be the next step.
As long as my little Gemini can stabilize for awhile, LOL.

I have often wondered if this isn't a past life situation working itself out. But I don't do that kind of work.
you've opened many doors of thought for me. Thank you, Janet.
Thank you very much.
god if only.. I can't even get her to step into a pedal boat on our lake. It's like she has a phobia about boats????

She has an excuse for not doing anything. But she does love horseback riding so maybe I'll get her hooked up with this local ranch that incorporates horseback riding into a type of emotional psycho therapy.

Wow, I hadn't even thought of that till right now. So thank you, Calvin. As for me. I'd love to float on a boat somewhere.
We *get out* as a family a lot. She loves her family. I think a trail ride is a very good idea.
Thank you, MaryL.

That card does not do her Justice. As my sister says, "she lights up a room".
I do so appreciate your prayers. I think she is feeling better tonight. We just spoke on the phone *again*, and she seems in very happy spirits.



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