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Everyone says i'm Bipolar, but isn't bipolar only causes by genetics? And my mood swings only seem to change when with a group. Am I empathic of just moody? Help!

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Empathy is feeling how others feel.

In group there are a lot of emotions, especially if the group is big. That is how you will notice and pick up those emotions that aren't your own.


Sorry, cannot describe this more clearly.

Thank you.

Krissi, a lot of empaths are misdiagnosed as bi polar. I always tell this story cuz it was a wake up call for me. I went to a psychiatrist for the very first time cuz my depressive mood caught the eye of the doctors. Within 1 minute of me telling him my history, he said it sounds like I am bi polar. I never went back to him cuz I know that was total BS. 

I'd know or not if I was bi polar and I wasn't.

Thank You.
My mom was diagnosed with Bipolar and though she had some manic episodes that scared others, she told me that it was kind of fun and it was a very unique experience on her end. I may be bipolar as well, but in my opinion, I don't fully believe that medication can solve it over meditation. I also don't fully believe it's some sort of mental illness or anything of the sort but more of a mystical experience that can't be easily integrated in the modern world's illusion of "ordinary" reality.

Most people who are diagnosed with Bipolar actually can be emapthic- OR have other gifts and abilities that the psychiatric world is living in the dark ages about, I sense that you are not bipolar, i usualy can feel it, I can sense illnesses- the BIG deciding factor whether it is a real chemical disorder of the brain usually is anger and irritability- its hard to describe- but its almost like schizophrenia. Not like u go into a fit of rage- just in interacting with others, you lash out in the moment, that is what I mean. Its not just being a jerk or bitchy, its very sharp and pronounced. I have witnessed many normal people with these illnesses who stopped their meds for some reason and they get agitated real fast. Thats a hallmark of the real disorder


The use of the term bipolar for everything emotional pisses me off, cause it shuns people with abilities. Seems bipolar has a stigma and it tends to make people with abilities withdraw- and that is a bad thing

you're sensitive and moody so you're called that

Just like a wild animal needs room, so do your abilities and when you box them in and shut them in, you can cause yourself depression and sickness like gastritis- I am a good example.

You can also get mood swings from hormones and also from just the chores of living and being sensitive

there have been times, I am laughing, and at the drop of a hat I will cry- maybe cause I remember something, many times it just hits me and I will never know why- but thats part of being an empath


You can always yahoo message me if you want to talk more- my yahoo is wolffraine@yahoo.com

and if anyone wishes to challenge my opinions, that s fine. But I am a Pharmacist, majoring in toxicology and emergency medicine. I have been out in the field dealing with people for a long time.


Edgar Cayce was illiterate yet he could diagnose illnesses for people by laying down and going into a sleep like trance- he would dictate the illness and treatments to his secretary and when he woke up, he had no recollection. They called him the greatest psychic to ever live- but I believe he was the greatest empath/psychic that ever lived.


One thing, his use of his abilities would make him exhausted yet he would never turn anyone away, sometimes seeing up to 20 people a day- he took NO money from anyone. Eventually he died from the exhaustion, penniless


look him up

I think I saw a show a while back where they were talking about this man.  Very interesting stuff.
Are you creative? Most creative people are mildly 'bipolar' ...I think that's what inspires us and makes our existence so vivid... but I don't believe that creative people are necessarily far enough to be diagnosed as actually "bipolar" persay, and I don't believe in medicine for such things, except in perhaps very limited cases



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