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Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction (you attract what you focus on), from the The Teachings of Abraham(tm)?

This concept is critical for Empaths, especially if you are trying to "protect yourself" from others...

Here's why: If you focus on feeling "threatened", you'll attract more situations that make you feel this way. No matter how much better you get at protecting yourself, the sheer act of "pushing against what you don't want" attracts it to you!

I know it sounds counter-intuitive at first, but this is why my programs do not focus on building walls between you and other people. Instead, we focus on your "empowerment" in turning it down, on the benefits of being an Empath, on the conscious choice of "turning it on", etc.

I have found this concept to be the biggest contributor to "feeling better" over time. Instead of getting worse and worse, it gets better and better as you focus on empowerment as opposed to threat.

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Interesting! I will be sure to listen for more of your insight!
This is so true. What you think about is multipled.
I loved the movie the secret have watched it several times. I was subconciously blocking any and all emotions from myself, and now realize why. I am so glad this site is here!
One good thing is now that I am aware of it I can work on it!
I agree , I have felt unsafe and life has become trouble-some, to put it mildly.
Self acceptance has been a part of my lesson to, a life long lesson. This was the thing that drew so many bullies into my life from the start. Animals can sense fear, people can sense insecurity .
The self acceptance thing I got from eft ,after learning that I started to put it together.I thought so little of my self for so long, not even seeing that I was bullying myself all along. I accept myself now and I am starting to find my way.
Thinking about empathy and this site and what that belief of empathy attracts to us. With that in mind my thought was that
as I visited this site ,something inside surfaced ,some deep emotion .Is it the collective belief of the group that drew this
from me and did the group help me heal this.It seemed to change overnight,I thought that it was my experience writing
my post or maybe its a combination. I am deeply thank full ....
Superb! Thats great news.
I am so happy to have found this place too. It's peaceful and so helpful. Makes me smile!
Do you think that this could be true ?

hopeful James
?? Not sure what you mean?
This positive way of looking at things is why I like this community. I found another community of empaths a couple of years ago but it was all about blocking yourself off. It felt wrong. It felt like what I've had to do before to survive, but I can't help anyone in a blocked off state. Over many years, I have discovered many ways to help people with the empathic gift. Currently, I'm totally exhausted but hope being in this group will help revive me so I can go back into the world to help others again.
hi katherine,
if you're exhausted you might just need a "vacation"! Doesn't it sound fun to take a break and recharge yod batteries? I do this every year and I always feel so refreshed afterwards!
Vacation advice is in order. "Real" vacations, the kind where you go to a fun place, are even more exhausting than regular life because fun to me is meeting new people, learning how the "locals" do things, experiencing the feel and energy of new places. Has anyone found a way to recharge in short bursts at home. I like being home for recharging, and it's cheaper than traveling. I have to admit in less than 24 hours on this site, I'm feeling better by just being understood.
Oh, yes, I know what you mean about "new" vacation places. I always plan to go to the same place twice, so I can get used to it the first time in and then really enjoy it the second time :)

And I did meant the kind of mental vacation that's both cheap and accessible...In fact, I am on that kind of vacation right now so I canot "read" you as I normall would. But still, here are some suggestions.

1) Just make a decision to turn it down a notch for a while. For some Empaths, it does not feel good to completely turn off their skills and that's fine. But even just deciding that it's ok to lower the volume a little bit...If you don't know how to do that, go the Empath Program and check out Day 1 (it's free).

2) Make a list of activities that truly recharge you emotionally. And for a couple of weeks, make sure you do one or more of these everyday. On my list, I have taking a bath, going for a walk in the forests, getting a massage, watching my favorite movies, wearing my recharging crystals (pink quartz for me)...and probably more that I can't remember right now.

It actually helps to have a written list that you can consult when you blank out on what to do next :)

3) Rub your feet! Grounding is a critical empath skills and many of us get exhausted from constantly loosing out grounding. Here's a forum post with many grounding techniques.

I hope this helps
in love
Great advice. I'll try them all and let you know what works for me.



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