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I'm a CHRISTIAN and I believe with all my heart in CHRIST and I have this Gift!


I was in church just trying to mind my own and sitting just down the pew a little was a tiny Asian lady. At the end of the service we were all turning and shaking hands, which was normal until... she reached out and grasped my hand and I could feel my body on fire. It was her pain plowing through me and we were glued together. I couldn't let go and she wasn't letting go. I hit the floor, on my knees without uttering a sound, my eyes locked on hers, absorbing pain I can't even describe. It felt like a long time but I know it wasn't until she let my hand go with the biggest smile I have ever seen. I didn't get a chance to talk to her nor have I seen her since.

Know this as I have learned it... Jesus was not an Empath. Jesus is, for lack of a better description, the Soul Guide and Keeper. He's in charge of Souls. No one passes to the Father except through me. His Power is that of a Projector in that what thought he projects becomes the reality, be it healing, or anything else. He has helped me to learn much about this higher calling of being Empathic. And has acted as the unseen healer and guide in many situations where I have worked with people.

We, the Empathic draw energy into us. We should be allowing that energy to transmute and leave us in a better form than it was. Our problem is that we come with all the "knowing" psychic powers as well. It's what gives us the power to discern the truth and know when we are truly needed or are being called to service. Fear not, all that come within our sphere of influence are changed. We tend to bring out the "real" in people. Whatever they truly are cannot be hidden from us and sometimes will even be revealed to others without any physical involvement from us at all.

After living with this "Condition of Empathy" for 60 years I know only this as taught to me by a wonderful medicine woman hollow, like tree, let the energy pass through you. You cannot run away from it, turn it off (down yes, Not Off) nor become less than your soul demands - and that is where buddy Jesus comes in and helps.

Embrace your souls' power. Observe from a higher point of view, without prejudice or involvement. Let the energy of events flow through and around you and know that those who need you will seek you out. They may only need an ear, a hand, or a hug or they may need your council on all levels of being including the psychic ones that you're tuned into.

Fear not, the correct response will come to you when you need it. And when I say fear not that is exactly what I mean. Fear will arise when you allow your mind to get in the way of your souls' job. It's the expectation of pain or anger or feeling like your playing dodge ball in 6-lane traffic. Know this for a fact - there is nothing more powerful than a pissed off Empath and no higher calling for a soul. We are the cleaner fish of creation. Let the energy flow - it only takes a little courage and lot of practice. Be the greatness that you are and bask in the love of Jesus. God created you and He with purpose - he who serves best wins most.

Blessings to you,