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04/27/16 09:12:14AM
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What do empaths do for a living?


I have found great enjoyment in advocacy/social work. I didn't know I was an empath until the very end of my career but explains how I was able to do my job. I have the ability to see injustice through the eyes of those whose disabilities and limitations I do not share. This allowed me to advocate successfully for those unable to voice their needs adequately themselves, primarily the elderly and mentally ill.

This ability made me a hero for a lot of people. And being someone's hero is a heady and addictive feeling. I worked in this field for the last 10 years of my life. It can be difficult and soul sucking and I was fortunate to have situations that allowed for long breaks, ie: regular 4 day weekends and 2 or 3 week vacations twice a year.

The other area where I found I was able to achieve was in accounting and IT. Dealing with reports and numbers was way less exhausting than coping with the public.