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Empath and Trapped. A reading could help.

Request a Reading

Hey My name is SoulPhoenix I have been on this forum almost 10 years now if you include the jump to the new site.

Im at a crossroads right now. Life Death Choice, No choice, and feel oh so trapped.

My personality and persona are fairly set now at 30 and whenever i try to change i find myself unable to by fear of pain. I've had so much I cant consent to more. Theres  a good chance I will die in the next year and a better chance it will be by my own hand if i cant reduce my feeling of being trapped and having to choose the possibility of pain if I move out of my comfort zone.

My Persoanlity and beliefes are very Synced up with the INFJ myers brig test AKA the advocate roll. Im stressed all the time and im getting dark by the day. I see a therapist who even shares some of my beliefs but it feels like theres no room to move without getting hurt and I feel like ill day if i endure any more pain.

I dont know what to do. I feel very trapped. Im an empath as well as other things but humanity just rubs me the wrong way and i cant find a way forward.

Is there anyone who would be willing to give me a reading who feels it may help?

Im at a loss. I personally Dont like this world and dont want to be here anyway but i have loved ones who would hate to lose me.

anyway thats my story and request. I wish you all the best on your journey here. Light and Love ~SoulPhoenix

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05/05/16 09:59:44PM
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A perioid of being Powered Down Empathicaly and Psychicly. How do you Deal?


So I havent been very active the last few years as the Physical has needed to be my main priority.

I just dont feel powerful and connected like I used too, I feel disconnected and weak.

Ive done cleansing and cleanings Ive tried soul searching. I am slowly getting a little back but I want to hear if anyone else has gone through periods like this, How they coped, and how things returned.

With love ~SoulPhoenix

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