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Hi totally new at this. I have recently stumbled on the idea of empaths and highly sensitive people. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for two years and I always attribute what I know believe are empath trait to the anxiety, depression, or me being dramatic and a crybaby. One of the things I struggle with this crowds and being around too many people at one time. Often times this extreme anxiety led to what was thought to be sensory overload. Which is when under times of great stress the body’s senses get overwhelmed and even the slightest noise, movement, or light is hard to handle. I have now come to realize I was only a little off, I know believe it is something I have heard of called empathy overload. Among other things I often catch my self mimicking the feelings and actions of my close loved ones, even my pet dog, ie when he gets anxious bc of say a storm, I get get anxious too. I cry frequently over things that seem small to other people, but leave me sobbing for possible an hour on end. When I was younger everyone assumed I would grow out of this “ over dramatic “ trait but I’m now 16 and if anything my sensitivities have only increased. I have done massive amounts of research on empathy and everything fits to a T, but I’m having trouble accepting something I can’t see. If anyone has any advice on acceptance, cooping, and tips and tools that would be great. Thank you so much :)