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03/11/18 10:54:50AM
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Social gatherings


Alright, first of all "women can be caddy"? Come on. Are we back in the dark ages? 

Anyway, that's not the point, I know. Social gatherings are the worst thing ever to me too, the bigger the gathering, the better, because feelings get blended together and you don't get like one negative feeling constantly grazing on your senses. Anyway, the thing is, the more you hang out with people, the more attuned you get to their feelings. I think you're just picking up more from them because your senses have honed in. That happens to me when someone invokes a stronger feeling, I get attuned to them because I focus on them. Yeah, empaths can dislike people too as much as they can like them, we sure aren't all Mother Teresa. That's okay, sometimes people can be a-holes. 

What I do, is get in my head a little more. Think about you, the things you like about yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. In short, try to manage indifference towards them and you're not going to pick up much. I try to hone in somebody else, which I find likable or at least I'm not picking up immediate darkness. It's better to focus your energy on something else if you can't avoid them