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03/13/18 10:19:39AM
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Social gatherings


Hello, I am a newcomer here.   I can so relate to social situtations being overwhelming. That type of situation in the past would often make me ill and i would have to step outside in the winter to connect with nature no matter how cold it was outside just to get away from all the energy inside.  

I still struggle with social situations and avoid them when I can but that is not just possible all the time. I have learned alot over the years about what being an empath means for me.  I think most of the ideas you guys have discussed I have tried, not necessary the individual stones but i have uses various stones in the form of jewelry or even around my neck and they did help at the time.  

if those suggestions still don't work for you , you might want to try taking your grounding meditation one step forward doing a rainbow bridge meditation, which you may already be doing. 

I am not sure of any of that help, and I know I new, but was hoping maybe some of what I said would help.