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Psychic and Paranormal

For years I knew I was different. Growing up I steered clear of certain people and situations. I always "knew" the good people, the real-genuine people compared to those who put on a show. Because of our ancestors my mom and I can read emotions, we can decipher who is being honest and who has bad intentions. My other siblings aren't nearly as affected as the ability than my mom and I.

I didn't and still don't know the length of my ability. The first time I "read" someone was when I was in the 7th-8th grade. My mom and I went out to eat at a local diner, we sat down and I observed three people walking in, a women and two men (this was winter so they were wearing extra warm clothing). There were no sign on them of what I would read. I told my mom who was sitting across from me "that women smokes and has an arm tattoo, that man has a tattoo on his wrist and he smokes as well, and that man has a gift he's going to give to a women he's been dating for less than a year". I didn't know why or how I knew any of this because like I said, they showed no sign that I was accurate until two of the three took off their jackets exposing their barely visible tattoos, pulled out cigarettes and smoked. When It was time to pay the bill I observed a waitress walking over the table, one of the three men pulled out a golden necklace and placed it around her neck. I heard as my mom and I walked out from the women "they haven't been dating for more than 6 months". Since then I kept my mouth shut. 

Once I moved away from home for college, my ability to just know things got stronger. Many months ago I started liking my neighbor, he said all the right stuff and showed me he cared when I was going through a really bad time. One day at work, I had this feeling he wasn't the person I thought he was. I messaged him and said "tell that girl you like how you really feel". He wrote back "when did I tell you I liked someone?". I said "you didn't". He said he was going  to break the news to me about this girl on a car ride we were supposed to have since I had no way to see my family. He was caught trying to use two girls. That's when I freaked him out and said "that girl, has children". My vibes were telling me he was trying to mess around but it scared me when a few days later I found out my vibes about her being a parent was correct, shes pregnant. Since then I broke ties with him. 

Another instance happened last night. I went to the laundry mat with my now boyfriend when I read two women, one of which was wearing a plain green sweatshirt. I told my boyfriend who knows what I can do "that women has had a really bad childhood and is struggling to make ends meet, that women is a Christian." with no prior knowledge we went about our business. Before we left I noticed on the back of the women in the green was a Psalm passage with an open book. I noted "she's Catholic". The other women, showed now signs that I was correct but it still troubles me.

It seems my gift/ability is getting stronger. I know things before I should. A couple months back I met someone who is now my friend, that can read people in a similar way that I can. Growing up I lived in a 100 year old bar that was right next to a train track. I had many occurrences where I would see things, and experience things only two other family members can. Now, I look around and my thoughts and feelings aren't my own. I can read people right down to their deepest fear or secrets they hide, to rapists, predators all the way to genuine empaths. I don't know what ability/gift I have, I don't know what to classify myself as. I hate knowing things before I should, I hate meeting someone who I would think would be a nice person only to find out in advance that they aren't who they say they are. Seriously, am I nuts??? or do I have a real gift/ability????.