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11/03/17 07:10:03PM
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Questions on how YOU experience vibes/energy...


What a blessing this empath community is!
I’m so thankful! I’ve been an empath my entire life but haven’t been able to identify myself as that until recently. As a child when I would get around “negative” energy my ears would burn.
As an adult I’ve noticed I get a tingle starting at my head and will travel down my back or side and After reading some posts I guess this means I’m making a connection with someone or some type of energy.
I’m an esthetician, which is someone who performs facials. So I’m touching people all day long. I’ve really had some interesting things happen to say the least. I do feel as if I’m a healer. I’ve recently been asking the Holy Spirit to enter me and work/flow through me before I begin a facial. This has dramatically helped me to not feel drained after
doing a facial. I had a client this week and during her entire facial, my hands kept wanting to go towards her heart ❤️ and just stay there. It was so weird. I had a very strong feeling that at the end of the facial I was supposed to tell her. I was embarrassed but proceeded to tell her, she shared that her brother passed 4 months ago and it’s been very traumatic for her family. Hence i believe the Holy Spirit wanted to flow to her heart for healing.
I also receive a lot of hugs & people unloading their problems to me. But I believe I’m handling it better now than I ever have. Just reading some of your posts have helped me tremendously as well.