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09/27/17 11:51:42AM
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Living in a small town


Hi all,

I can relate to what you all have posted. I grew up in a small rural-ish area, population ~4700, with the great advantage of having a state park basically in my back yard. I grew up playing in the woods and it was awesome. As a young adult, I worked in a large city (don't know if I can say places on here) which was alright.  It was cool because it had a small town feel to me even though it was a big city. I lived outside the city with a few parks at my disposal. Then I moved north to be near family, and ended up working in another large city and commuting. Commuting is horrible, I think we all can agree. This place was worse for me. I didn't realize it at the time, but over the 7 years that I worked there, I got worn down. I started walking with my head down to avoid glares. Again, I lived in a suburb with some nature areas nearby but not enough TREES!! I ended up getting extremely sick, still dealing with it. Now I live in a small rural town again. I thought it would be better, but the people here are very negative. A lot of small town gossip. Not open to newcomers. It honestly freaks me out that people know who I am here, I've never experienced that before. I feel trapped, and being sick, I can't always get away. I think the city has the benefit of being anonymous, but has the major downfall of so many people who are unaware that their emotions leak!