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05/21/17 01:19:05AM
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Questioning The Empath-Narcissist Connection


I have a father who is a narcissist Maybe a Psychopath. wow , right now that my empath habilites are developing, I cant even be able to get close to him. I can see how he manipulates, and destroys good women around him, that help him all the time. I cant stand watching how he talks about them, horribly.


and he is always like targeting me. very difficult to cope. I do not want to see him more than 2 times a year, t be honest. He provoques me panic attacks, just to think o going to his house.

He is a good man, unaware of what he does?

he doesn't like to enter ro our houses, last time I saw him in my house, he was cutting my table, without my permission, and painting in black my beautiful rocks.



05/21/17 01:11:05AM
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Hi, I would like to request a reading please

Request a Reading

Hi, I would like to request a reading regarding my social life, and my path, thank you very much. Tell me if you need a picture.

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