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05/14/17 10:03:06PM
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To be or not to Empath


This is my first post, I am tired of being an empath, I was told several years ago, by a very old friend who he too, is an empath. He taught me some grounding techniques, Took me to the Mall, which I absolutely HATED. I have learned a lot since then. I am a Security Officer, which I believe helps being and empath, because I am deaf on my left side to speech, not sound, I lip read and watch body posturing ,etc. But in my private life, ( my boyfriend has all the characteristics of a Narcisisst , my Mom plays on my sensitivities and cries when she wants something from me, my sister picks fights with me, and my Dad, well lets just say he was a career Marine, and as much as were are the same, we Clash) Both of my girls are empaths and introverts like myself. I always seem to pick Men who have no empathy or sensitivities to anyone, or any animals, they think my hobbies are strange and a waste of time, walking through the woods, taking pictures of nature. They hate that I have a college degree in Criminal Justice and want me to do a girly job, that I can not do, if I get bored I will quit, I hate when I feel lonely in a relationship as I do now, I hate this sick feeling in my stomach. I go from being fine to uncontrollable anger at home, I hate reading into things , but I am left with no other choice, Can I turn any of this of ?f, I am tired of how my sensitivities control what I do, not what I want to do