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09/11/17 12:45:07AM
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Empath and Trapped. A reading could help.

Request a Reading

Hi, although I don't usually do readings and I'm by no means qualified to I just want to say your not alone. I have been having the same issue moving forward here recently. Because of fear and failure. I've literallly have became a recluse these past 3 years after my spiritual awakening. I'm 26 years old. So trust me I know how hard it is to get motivated and move forward when fear is crippling your everyday life. Anyways I don't want to make this post about me. I don't usually get on here much but tonight I felt the need to and read your post so here I I am. I'm also a empath, about a month ago I was ready to give up and I started talking to this girl who I used to know for a little bit back when I was younger and we talked and she listened and undertone cause she was going threw some stuff to. Anyways the point of me saying this is maybe you just need someone to talk to who understands and won't judge you for your mistakes, past actions etc. I know for me my friend helped emensly. I also can share a few tips that have helped me along my journey. They aren't anywhere else on the internet and it's strange how accurate it is. Sometimes bringing me to tears. It fills me with hope. Everything is a process. I see bad things as good and this has helped as well. Idk please don't harm yourself, of you do that then who will fill your spot and your mission? Someone's life you were meant to touch or change wouldn't happen because you weren't here. Hang in there. If you'd like to talk or want advice feel free to message me. Sending light your way and hope you find all your looking for plus more.