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06/07/17 07:23:13PM
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A Strong "Feeling" Of Knowing That's Usually Correct?

Psychic and Paranormal

I get a feeling about something and it will be such a powerful feeling, intense I guess. When I was 19 years old and living in Italy, I went out to the Disco club my boyfriend owned. It was closing time so I had gone into the coat check room to help to girls give folks their coats and such. I remember this feeling passing over me so strongly that every nerve ending in my body rose to attention. I don't remember a single thought being in my head. My body just tucked tail and ran the entire mile or so home at 3am in downtown Florence, Italy. It was sheer panic hurtling me down the street. I arrived home to find my mom had slit her wrists. My mom had suffered from depression my entire life. Nothing was different that day or I wouldn't have even gone out at all. My connection with her has saved her life three times in my 54 years.

I can be watching the news and there will be a report of a missing person. I don't understand why or how but I will just know whether or not that person is dead or alive. No thought process. Just a feeling of absolute knowledge. I don't ever remember being wrong.

I was in a room full of strangers one time during a late afternoon meeting when I found myself walking up to a woman I had never seen before that day and I said, "Please don't do it. What can I do to help you?" She asked how I knew she planned to commit suicide that very night. I told her it was because she was oozing pain from every pore of her body even though she her smile was from ear to ear.

Other than my "feelings" saving my mom's life and that woman's life, they feel like a very heavy burden and one I have no power over.