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03/14/17 04:05:57PM
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Being afraid to stop absorbing the energy of others


Hi, I'm relatively new on this forum and I'd like to ask an empath-related question. I realised that I'm an empath about a year ago and I've started working on myself since some time now, using different tools to get centered in myself, and identify when I'm absorbing other people's energies. The issue is that I noticed that I have this huge fear to disconnect from other people's energy. It's like I'm afraid that I'm going to disappear, or to become completely isolated. 

Has anyone ever experienced something similar?

Thank you.

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Cinnamon Mystic
01/10/17 12:51:07PM
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I am looking for Shar who has an Ethel or Esther in Spirit.

Psychic and Paranormal

Hi, I don't know if this was really for me or not. My name is not "Shar" (though I just had a strange synchronicity with that name appearing in a video I was watching now, when I decided to write) but my grandma was Esther and I've been thinking a lot about her lately. Also, a few days before I foud this message I was inspired to open my window several times a day and just stay and let the wind flow through me and I really felt it has a cleansing effect for my whole body and apartment. I was inspired from somewhere that this will cleanse negativity from around me (after a very negative experience), so I started doing this as a ritual. A few days later I read this message. Also the flowers are spot on, the tulips.

When I read this the first time, it really made me cry.

So, again, I don't know if this is for me, but this is what I felt. Thank you.