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01/17/17 12:03:47PM
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Being pulled towards being a shaman, or "shamanism"


I felt the same way a few years ago. I actually began training in shamanism because 1) I was pulled toward it and 2) I thought it would be the answer to learning how to master my empathy. Turns out it actually did teach me how to learn how to master empathy, just not in the way I was expecting. I was expecting to suddenly have insight and just Know everything about being an empath, but what wound up happening is that I had to go through a ton of trials that helped me become an empowered person which led to me becoming an empowered empath.

If you are considering shamanism, I highly recommend diving in. It can be a challenging road but you will grow in ways you never imagined. I have been training through Shamanism 101 which has been amazing. It's affordable and you get a mentor to guide you (I promise I'm not trying to make a sales pitch, it has just been amazingly beneficial for me). Best of luck!