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11/28/16 12:45:31PM
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Are you a Heyoka Empath


My whole life I've been able to know people on a personal level and allows me to care for them. By people I mean everyone, even people I drive by and just get a glance at. I know who is broken and why. I feel the want to explain their own feelings to them in a way they can understand, so they can have self acceptance. I always tell people it's not really something that you can always understand but you just need to find a way to accept it. Every person that comes into my life I have a way of exposing them for what they really are whether it's to the world of themselves. I can't help myself. One time I was hugging a man it was a dear friend of mine and all the sudden I look up at him and I knew something about him but there's no possible way I could have. So I asked him if I was right about the thought that I had. He was shocked, but admitted it. If there is one thing that I cannot stand it when people try to deny what is true. Just because I have no proof they think they can lie to me. Through my research on empaths and learn as much as I can about the different types what we are what we are not I seem to fit all of them but none of them were quite the right fit. A narcissistic man that I was very drawn to and I were sitting one day reading together about my gift and it fell into my lap. The heyoka. When I read it, it was like a light went on and I finally knew what I was. I finally understood the parts of myself that I have been trying to understand my whole life. I am always making people laugh, always saying the things that people don't want to hear but delivering it in a way that they can grasp and get them to think. How many of us are there?