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12/27/16 06:55:59PM
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caught in empath and psychic crossfire ...and it turned up to 100 real quick



I have always known (most empaths always know) that I could feel other people's emotions, have strong intuitive gut feelings that turn out to be weirdly right, and I have, recently, let my energy be drowned in other energies, leaving me to be constantly exhausted and so on. 

But now I am starting to notice more crossing between communicating with energies that are not necessarily in living bodies. I know what this is like because as a child I had a couple spirit friends, but many spirit encounters. I had a really traumatic and negative experience at one point down the line and it resulted in me begging for it all to stop. So it did, for a while. 

I am older now and am becoming more aware of my constantly burning hands and out of no where panic attacks because there are way too many energies to feel at once around me (I live in a city). Although I am not as afraid anymore of spirits, my empath sensitivity is so strong ( and vastly un-handled)  that it is actually affecting my social life dramatically. 

these are things that can happen daily:

1. Hands BURN and I feel a need to hold something or even a certain person........I don't know how to tone it down when I just want to go out to eat. 

2. Burst into tears because of an overwhelming sadness....... I don't know how to channel finding the exact reason yet.

3. Breath becomes tight and quick when walking in the streets almost automatically.

4. Sometimes I will feel someone's discomfort or anger and I genuinely want to punch a wall.... I can calm myself, but I still struggle to really know where or who it comes from. (I very much have a first gut feeling, but I second guess quite a bit bc of my inexperience)

5. Feel the fake. If someone is being anything but honest in their presence I feel it.......This is the biggest deterrent for me to interact with people regularly. 

6. Any movie that I watch with a rape / sickly violent scene has destroyed my apartment (I throw shit....I can't deal). Now, I basically only watch kid movies and I feel like a bad adult. 

This list goes on... but the main picture is that at the same time that my empath qualities have amped up (for a year now) , all of the sudden I feel haunted spaces WAY more. I am caught in a crossfire between it all and I have a desire to be able to simply handle myself for once. 

So I am here now, baby steps. 


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12/27/16 06:22:28PM
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Newbie Here



Hello! I am also new to the site and curious about this empath thing. I am sorry that you have had to deal with physical ailments by gathering that sympathy pain, but I am relieved that another person has experienced this. "Are you okay?" has practically replaced what used to be "Hey, whats up.". I loved reading your encounters with your gut knowing death out of the blue. That subject is something that I know too well. 

I know this way of being can be overwhelming but I am confident that you will be able to harness your strengths and build these traits into the most beautiful part of being you.