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08/12/18 08:46:49PM
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Depersonalization, schizo, or spiritual?


Hi there.

So, I'm not sure where to start, so I'll just start where things first started happening.

Quite a few years ago, I smoked marijuana. The one and only time I did it. I only took two hits off of it. I developed, what I strongly thought was either a schizophrenic episode, or severe depersonalization. It left me feeling that way severely for three months, then very heavily for three years. Being around marijuana seems to bring this out in me. Not sure if I'm just sensitive to it or not.

Lately, I've been having chronic fatigue, and my depersonalization has been coming back again, however, this time, I haven't been around any marijuana. Not even around it to smell it (which does bring on symptoms) 

What I've also noticed is that they got significantly worse (but not as bad as it used to be) after I moved into my new apartment. I'm fairly certain there are spirits/entities here. While I didn't immediately think they were evil or malicious, I have been uneasy here at night.

So, again, I'm not sure if I'm just being highly sensitive to spiritual stuff going on around me, or if it's depersonalization again, or if I am developing schizophrenia, which does run on my biological mother's side of the family. I honestly don't think it is that, but part of me has always had a fear that I'd develop it.

If anyone is able to do a quick reading or something and see what's going on, it'd help immensely. 

Thank you very much!

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07/18/18 10:35:29PM
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Requesting Love/Soulmate Reading

Request a Reading

Hello, hope whoever is reading this is having a good day.

Last week, I met someone in real life that I have known online for quite some time now. I have known that he and I have been tied together for a mistake that I made in my first, if not one of my early lives as a human. Upon meeting him, I knew that the majority of things I had thought were true. And I realized that I was also in love with him. Something which I had known before, but thought I had worked through.

I guess I'm looking for a reading because I'm confused as to where things should go. I sincerely want to keep holding onto the hope that he and I can be happy in this lifetime, as I think it may be one of our last ones together. Is this something that is optimal for my soul, and my soul's purpose in this lifetime?

If anyone is able to pick up on that, or anything else regarding the situation between me and him, that would be greatly appreciated. 

If anyone needs pictures of either of us, lemme know, I can message some.

Thank you very much. 

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