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07/24/16 06:56:25PM
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New to this, and lost


I'm just, lost. Looking back, I think maybe a side of me being different was always there, but I never really listened to it. Being that I always ignored my own emotions and drown everything out with loud insecurities and chaos, I just, never listened. But now, meditating, coping with my anxiety, listening to what I feel, I don't know how to word it, it's been different, I have been different, since the motorcycle accident. I began sobbing for no apparent reason, out of no where, while driving. A minute later, I found a man on the side of the road a ways from his bike. I prayed over him, but he died. Right there. And now, I can't be around more than a few ppl at a time. I feel feeling that are not mine. It happened again last week, crying for no reason, than an hour later I got a phone that a friend of mines nephew was just murdered. I feel lost. Confused. And unable to cope.
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