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07/21/16 04:02:59AM
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How do I know if I am an empath?


Hi everyone, the reason I am writing is because I want to share a psychological test with you that I used myself.

There is a story behind it. I believe I am very emphatic and sympathetic person. My tolerance levels are extremely high and sometimes I let people get too much of me, but I guess I do that because I see they need it. It happens that people sometimes pass my tolerance levels and I confront them. That's when they tell me I am cruel and what not.

So I did a little research, I am always critical about myself. I wanted to see if I am really a b*tch or not.

I found this Empathy test that helped me get some useful insights about my personality. It is created by a psychologist, so I believe it is valid and reliable. I found it useful.

You can get it if you have an iOS device or Windows Phone.

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