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11/01/16 09:48:41AM
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Animals getting all the sh** thrown towards me

Animal Empaths


I'm getting sick of my pets getting the bad stuff that reaches me, they don't deserve this.

Some months ago, I had an attack at my throat where it seemed like a clawed beast wanted to get out. I couldn't speak or breathe for minutes, it was one of the worst things I've ever felt. I could feel scratches and dryness. My mom took me outside as I was having some "vomit reflexes" then suddenly, it was gone. It happened during the night.

When I told my grandma about it, she was horrified, as one of her birds was dead by the morning, with its mouth open and blood was leaking. This bird had been mine previously. He was healthy and not too old.

Now one of my cats (the one who likes me most, the other doesn't really care about me haha) has convulsions. She shakes violently, drools and pees herself when it happens. She was an adult already when it started (2 years) so I don't think that's an innate health problem and it doesn't have a schedule, it may happen every 3 days or 6 months apart and that's why no medicine was recommended for her as it would do more harm than good (though I wanna discuss it with vets again). 

So just today I caught someone having an envious moment of me online (the stupid reason? I speak 2 languages and he doesn't) and some 3 hours later the cat had an attack, 2 months after the last attack. Luckily I'm at home and held her as it avoids she'll hurt herself.

Now it's clear as day SHE is the one suffering from people throwing their shit at me.

I wanna mention that I also have a pet snake and nothing has ever happened to her. 

I don't want this anymore, I wanna deal with this stuff, I don't care. I don't want them to suffer. 

How do I make this stop?

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