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05/18/16 09:56:13AM
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how do identify sources of negative energy???


I have spontaneous days of crying. I find it is picking up negative or heightened emotions from people I pass on the street, things I have touched (used furniture or clothing) and spaces I have been in that are new and unfamiliar. Energy can imprint onto physical objects not just carry around in people's energy.

My guess is it might be a coworker that was carrying something around and you just caught a bit of it (being sensitive to these things). It is hard to be "on guard" all the time. Try envisioning light surrounding you or that your protected wearing gold armor. Putting a barrier between you and others can help.

There is nothing wrong with releasing energy by crying. Better out than in. Sometimes it is built up emotion about things are are dealing with and need to release.

When I was first starting my healing, I was crying at acupuncture uncontrollably, even at massage and at reiki. I felt so silly but I also felt so relieved it was out. My shaman was working with me distance healing, and i cried so much. I even had past life regression hypnosis done, and released a huge chunk of ancient trauma.

I hope this helps. You are not alone. :) And you are certainly not crazy.

I once tried medicating myself for depression and anxiety (regulating my emotions). I felt so empty and blah. It took away the bad, but is also took away the good. It made me realize how amazing having emotions was, despite the fact i was struggling with bad ones at the time. This is a gift. Caring, loving and being emotional is an amazing gift. Others will get on board with it one day. Embrace you, love you and your light will never be snuffed out. Your light will draw others with light in.

05/18/16 09:25:52AM
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I have the same situation. I do feel lonely often, but I also decided to seek out like minded people (like this group) and connect with them. There was a discussion group I heard about locally in my town. When I joined, I received all the love I needed. I go once a week, and if I miss a week, it really makes an impact in a negative way.

Internet doesn't allow us Empaths to physically receive love and energy from people we love until we meet in person. (Just my opinion). I love the internet for catching up and sharing, but I really need to be in person with people, have experiences and create memories.

I spend more time on the friends and family that give me time. I pulled away from all of those sucking my energy and not reciprocating. I sought out those who were willing to share back. I feel so much better now because of this.

Kijiji,, facebook search groups.. these are ways you can find some new like minded events, groups and friends. You may also want to connect with people who are working on farm shares, community gardens and solstice events and communes. They are all on the page for sharing love and respect for all living things.