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03/25/16 12:23:11AM
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Need help with narcissist friend


My reply is going be different from the other one left, because I'm not a believer in prayer solving these types of problems. I feel that you have to solve them yourself. I just dealt with a similar type of person who I worked with and rented a room to. In my perspective, the best thing to do for yourself is cut off all contact with this "friend." Completely! They will likely not like that one bit, but stand firm to reclaim your space. The harder part is how it is affecting your other relationships. Since you have mutual friends, that is a really tough one. I was fortunate enough for my person to be fired, so once he no longer lived with me I didn't have to worry about him bad talking me to coworkers, which I found out he was doing.

As someone who is sensitive in nature, you simply must protect yourself and your energy. I'm 43 years old and have gotten way better at doing this over time.

I wish you luck. It helped me to research narcissistic personality disorder online to understand that when dealing with someone who has that type of functioning that they are not capable of adapting to any requests of adapting their behavior. They can't change, so you are the one who must set the boundaries. It's really hard for empaths to grasp how a narcissist thinks, because it is almost the opposite of how we think. We are always concerned with how our actions impact others and are empathetic in nature. Narcissists lack empathy and do not care how their actions impact others.

Lastly, I completely understand that fear of the person lashing out at you in cruel ways. My perspective is that if she is not getting the reaction she wants from you, she will move on to torment someone else. Try not to let your OWN mind get paranoid. Focus on other things in your life. Surround yourself with people who are not attached to her in any ways and ride out the storm until she moves on to her next "mark."I wish you luck! I'm no professional in any way, so continue to search for your own answers. This is simply from my own personal experience, very recently.