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02/16/16 07:38:59PM
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Feeling alone


I am a 22 yr old male. I have had extreme anxiety from a young age. I enjoy company but I prefer to be alone in the woods. I have many mental breakdowns from being around people. I get mood swings and sometimes extreme sadness. I have done therapy etc, nothing helped me at all. I have had a rough go at life since graduating. I do not do well with any stress, I almost spiral into a full mental breakdown each time. I have never succeeded at a college or been able to keep the same job more than a few months. I barely have any friends because of my different interests than others my own age. I have gotten used to solitude as my only way of living. I am also on Q96 AND OTHER vitamins to help me cope with life. I feel, like the oddest person out for my own age. Thank you to everyone who reads this!